July 14, 2010

5 Ways Blogging is Like Being a Rapper

 "I've been hustlin 
From dusk till dawn 
I've been hustlin
For so long"


#1You gotta hustle, hustle real hard. 

#2 You've gotta rep your stuff.

"Represent yo' shit muthaf*ckaaaaa
Well shake yo' drink up and spray the muthaf*ckin' crowd
Throw yo' click up and say it muthaf*ckin' loud"

-Lil John and the East Side Boys - Put Your Hood Up

 If you don't support your blog, who will? If someone on another blog mentions a topic that you have a blog post about, mention it in a comment! Tell people at work, school, conventions, wherever!

#3 Be Real
"Don't say shit if you can't be real about it" -Trillville

Unless your blog is centered around some crazy idea or persona, you should be the same person in real life as you are on your blog. People can't lie on the internet and get away with it anymore. This is 2010!

#4  ♥  Focus on Your Own Thing
"Just handle your business and always be persistant like Jehova's Witness" -Brand Nubian Young Son
"I'm sayin homie do the right thing" -Ludacris
Getting in fights with other bloggers makes you look bad, not badass. Focus on your own blog and your readers. Figure out why you are blogging and always remember it.

#5 Keep producing! 
"The top gets higher the more that I climb."  -Lil Wayne
Don't stop coming up with content. Seriously, how many mixtapes has Lil Wayne put out now? My dude is in jail and still recording verses over the phone! That's legit.

So there you go, guys. Rap and blogging have more in common than you might have thought! I leave you with this quote from the late great Biggie Smalls:

"Stay far from timid, only make moves when your hearts in it, and live the phrase sky's the limit."


July 6, 2010

Making Money and Looking Hot


If you are in the USA, then I hope your 4th of July was awesome! I spent most of the day working. I spent most of the night beating my brother in beer pong! (Am I allowed to say that?)

Anyway, posts might be sporadic because I'm dealing with some things and I am working at the Woodbury Commons Outlet Center, so that takes up much of my time. It is listed as a tourist destination for tourists in New York City so if you're there, stop by! Mad sales!
Makin' that cash moneyyyy! ahahah

Anyway, I leave you with this:

Insert your own "at least we'll be looking HOT" jokes here.



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