May 6, 2012

Style Direction: Watercolor Goth

Hello friends!
How are you on this fine spring day? I can literally hear birds chirping outside of my window. Even the grating sound of someone continuously pressing the buzzer in my neighbor's apartment can't annoy me today.
That being said, it is finals right now, and I kind of feel like I'm going to keel over and explode at any minute now. If you are in the middle of finals as you read this, good luck and remember to breathe!

In the spirit of spring time, I've decided to write up a little Style Direction post featuring my Spring and Summer 2012 style that I'm feeling right now.

For lack of a better name, I'm going to temporarily title it

Wicked Watercolor Riot GURL

or maybe Wicked for short. Maybe FROTH- frothy fresh goth.  Watercolor Wicked? There we go.  I like them both.

So anyway, forging on! When it comes to fashion, (and life), I crush on everything.  I can't help but mix a million elements into my personal style. My ADHD addled art student brain sops up everything and mixes it in the blender to spit out a darkly glittering cocktail of INSPIRING FEELINGS.

 The recipe for my Watercolor Wicked style is as follows:

Take the fabrics, jewelry, and silhouettes of the First War era glam, dunk it in the colors of a Kathy Dennis Impressionist Watercolor, and sprinkle in the accessories of a true riot punk.

Use as many OLD THINGS as possible to achieve this look. (And remember, darling, time is elastic, and old is subjective.)

all images are click-through to source

what i'm into for summer: fluffy shorts under fifties dresses, shredded and cropped tees, Peter Pan collars, fresh-to-death colorful sneakers, gypsy jewelry, comic book tee-shirts, spiked accessories, knee socks, black, pastels, flowers in my hair, snapbacks and baseball caps.

What's your style inspiration this summer?



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