April 28, 2010

Recycled Runway Rehash

Photo Credit: Thi L. Wan

Recycled Runway is an annual fashion show run by two Parsons students. All of the looks were made from previous item
s of clothing or other reused materials.

This post has a lot of pictures, so:  
more after the break! clicky clicky.

April 25, 2010

Envy on the Coast in NYC

Hey everyone! This weekend was absolutely crazy. Thanks to everyone who came to the Recycled Runway fashion show! It went really really well, I must say!
I am too tired to post the pictures from the show just yet so instead I will give a quick rundown on my weekend, if you feel like reading it. 
Also, here is my favorite picture from my trip to the Coney Island Aquarium:
so cute!
This weekend:
♥ Two of my friends came down to visit me this weekend. 
♥  We ate really good Italian food
I learned to play a beat on the drums. 
While my friends were waiting for their bus, we watched a video at the Church of Scientology in Times Square ! (It was crazy) 
We ate at the combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell on 14th street
We went to see Envy on the Coast play. They were incredibly rad. 
It also turned out to be the Fall of Troy's last show in New York- they were also really good. People threw down like it was their job, hahaha.


What did you do this weekend?


April 23, 2010

You're Invited: Recyled Runway at the Green Event

Happy Friday everyone!
I wanted to let you know that you are invited to
Recycled Runway fashion show taking place at the Green Event at Stuyvesant Park tomorrow afternoon.  It was started last year by two students at Parsons. Designers must make everything out of previously existing garments.  Ummm I have 3 looks presented in the show! It's my first time having pieces in a show and I am really excited! I made 3 looks out of 2 old prom dresses that I got last year from my high school's prom dress drive.

Come check it out for an afternoon of fashion and eco-friendly fun.
You don't need to present a ticket to get in, because it is free!
Hopefully I will see you there! 

April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day! The New York Aquarium.

Today my lab class went to Coney Island to visit the New York Aquarium! We had a lot of fun on our tou but we weren't there for all fun and games.  We were doing research for our next project- designing the New York Aquarium's float for the annual Coney Island Mermaid Parade!
The New York Aquarium is part of the Wildlife Conservation Society, along with the Bronx Zoo, Central Park Zoo, Prospect Park Zoo in Brooklyn, and the Queens Zoo.
The Mermaid Parade is Saturday, June 19th!
Here are some pictures from the aquarium trip:
The penguins were showing off for us!
The sea turtle is my main man.
OCTOPUS! He is rad but I felt bad for him. Imagine having to live in such a tiny space all the time?
I learned that otters can hold their breath for up to five minutes!
The sea lion show! We were definitely the oldest group of people there.

The rides were all closed. :[
Aquarium mural.
Beach and boardwalk!

I took a video of some jellyfish floating around.

What did you do for Earth Day?


April 21, 2010

Parsons Projects: The Coffee Vest

I've gotten some requests to show the projects, assignments, and work that I do at school. I usually get pretty self-concious about my work because I am never satisfied or finished but...I will do it. For you guys! Never let anyone tell you that I don't looove you pleeaseeee.

Here is a project I did in my 3-Dimensional Design Class.
The assignment: Create a garment that can be worn on the torso that relates to the theme or issue of "survival". Think in terms of urban survival, functionality, and connection.  It must include a cantilever (extension-like an umbrella) and must transform in some way. Cantilever should change the form as well as alter the function of the body covering. Must have an identifiable function in an urban or social environment that changes perception or awareness of viewers. Must also incorporate a zipper.
Aaaah. Sounds toootally simple, right?

My Project: I decided to take a somewhat humorous- but still decidedly functional- approach to "solving" this assignment. I designed a waterproof rain-vest that turned into a coffee dispenser. It had an oversized hood and an inside, hidden plastic bladder that can hold coffee. You can take off the vest, undo the cantilever (which I converted out of a clamp-able beach umbrella), clamp it to the table, undo a zipper, and treat everyone to some coffee! It brings people together and makes them happy. For me, that would be the ultimate savior of rainy days. My project is a dramatization of people's need for coffee to "survive" the day 
Here are some preliminary sketches for what I wanted my project to be:
 I have no idea why this one says "air pirates" or why the figures all have eye patches....


Of course, in design things always change from the beginning of the process to the end. I chose a cheaper- and more fun! - material. I also opted not to make sleeves. My professor suggested that they the piece could be very simple. Form Vs. Function is a big issue here, and having sleeves was a little unnecessary.
We had about a week to execute the final project.
Sorry I don't have tons of great pictures! Here are some photos of the vest on a dress form:

A close up of the zipper and coffee spout

My presentation board:
I think that is allll.
Have you done any cool projects lately?

April 19, 2010

How to Look Put-Together in 3 Easy Steps

There is only a month left until finals and so far it’s been a pour-coffee-into-my-cocoa-puffs kind of morning. I’m assuming that some of you guys are feeling similar pressure.  It can be tough to put tons of effort in the morning into looking polished when you aren't feeling very polished at all. 
Here are my 3 quick tips on how to look like you didn’t just roll out of bed and run to class, even when you did just that.

1. Wear a Headband
Headbands are amazing! When I was an elementary-school tomboy, I wore my hair in headbands and ponytails all the time.  They are practical and keep your hair out of your face while you are studying and working hard. I recently rediscovered the power of headbands- go from “just-woke-up” to “Hello my name is Blair Waldorf” in two seconds flat! You will instantly look five times more polished, confident and put-together.

    I wouldn't reccommend making this face if you want to be taken seriously.

    This is my stern "why aren't you wearing a headband?" look. I know, it is very intimidating.

    2. Wear classy shoes
    The rest of your outfit can be a hot mess, but if you are wearing cute shoes, that will be the only thing that people notice. Especially if you are sitting in class, everyone's sleepy eyes focus downward anyway. A nice pair of shoes can pull your entire outfit together.

    3. Wear red lipstick
    Swiping on some lipstick take seconds, but it makes you look fresh. It gives the illusion that  you put effort into your appearance-even if it is the only makeup you are wearing!

    My friend Jack! Doesn't she make for a gorgeous model?

    What are your quick tricks for looking polished and put-together?
    PS: How does the signature look? I am very excited about it because I can never get my signature to look that cute in real life.


    April 16, 2010

    Tales of Epic Magazine, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Friendship, and Blogging

    I think that just won "Uneccesarily Longest Blog Title" Award, no?
    Anyway, I have called you here today to discuss an important matter (I have always wanted to say that).
    Do you read Epic Magazine? It used to be "Boner Party" and it is amazing. And HOLY BEANS you guys my friend Sarah has a post on it! She is hilarious and brilliant and will one day work for Saturday Night Live so you better go make yourself familiar with her now. This way when everyone is going "HAHA Sarah is so awesome and funny and famous" you can say, "Oh yeah? I remember when she was blogging on Epic...That's right, I was reading Sarah's stuff before she was popular because I am just that hip and cool and I know everything." (You might not want to say it like that because you will sound like a jerk. However, you would be entirely justified to say that because lets face it, you read my blog so you are awesome and you can say whatever you want.) The moral of this story is: if you want to be hip and cool, go read Sarah's post. I promise that when I own the internet and the fashion industry and live in a hot air balloon mansion I will throw a party and you are all invited.
    Here is a picture of me and Sarah, okay? Sarah if you are reading this....do you know how far back in my tagged Facebook pictures I had to go to find a picture of us? This is at Cabaret rehearsal or something.

    So! Go read this: Pabst and Present

    April 15, 2010

    The Greatest Thing In All The Land (Mika Cover of Poker Face )

    My best friend just sent me this video of Mika covering Lady Gaga's "Poker Face".  She sent it along with the message: "OH MY GOD NIKKI this was made FOR YOU".
    It is so very true. I am not a big fan of math but I do know that

    Mika's Awesomeness + Lady Gaga's Fabulousness + piano + everything beautiful in the world =
    this cover

    Can they pleaaaase collaborate in the future? Can someone get on this?

    I love it love it love it

    xx, Nikkidee

    April 13, 2010

    Black, Studded Thigh High Boots!

    Here's what I wore on a trip to Rice to Riches in Chinatown.
    Rice to Riches sells about a million (disclaimer: they don't really sell a million) flavors of rice pudding. I used to think that rice pudding was gross, until I went to Rice to Riches.  I think they make their rice pudding out of unicorn smiles and the dreams of children.

    ♥ Save the Melons shirt. My roommate got it from Teen Vogue Fashion University!
    ♥ Floral skirt from Urban Outfitters
    ♥ Hinge jacket
    ♥ Black, studded, thigh high boots from a shoe store on 14th street. They are the perfect length; they come up to right above my knees.

    What are you om nom nomming this week?

    xx, Nikkidee

    April 12, 2010

    Dr. Seuss Quote of the Day

    "Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living  that enables you to laugh at life's realities.”
    -Dr. Seuss

    PS:  Go check out my friend Dylan Owen! He is a great kid who also happens to be an awesome rap artist.  Go to his myspace for proof!  He participated in the final round of The Break Contest this weekend, and made it through to play day 2 of The Bamboozle festival on May 2nd. If you are going that day, please check him out.

    Dylan and his DJ, DJ IntelligentDesign. Cuties!

    Remember that your life is your fantasy :]
    What did you do this weekend?

    xx, Nikkidee

    April 8, 2010

    Tips for Attending Summer Music Festivals

    It's almost time for the 
    Bamboozle festival 2010
    and I know you are as excited as I am, because you know what that means!  Summer music festival season is almost upon us.

     Dress appropriately! This can be a big factor in staying comfortable, so here is my list:

    • Wear comfy shoes.  Unless you're just going to sit all day, heels are a terrrible idea. 
    • And crowd surfing in a skirt? This means: 1. skeevy dudes trying to grope you, and 2. skeevy dudes seeing your underwear.  :[  This is a music festival, not a fashion show. Trust me, I know all about wanting to look stylish every minute of every day!  There are tons of ways to look cute even when you are standing in mud and it is 90 degrees. Be creative and wear light colors, and light fabrics such as cotton.
    "it's a comic reference! really. nerdy. can't we all just get along?"
    • It  can get reaaally hot, so leave the scarves and leather pants at home!
    • Don't wear anything valuable, or anything that can get broken easily. I've seen girls get earrings torn out, their clothes ripped and their jewelry broken or stolen.
    • Don't wear flip flops! They get broken or lost easily and someone will absolutely step on your toes!  My advice is not to wear slip ons, either. I know from experience that they come off easily in a crowd! A few years ago at Bamboozle, I wore slip-on, low top sneakers. Halfway through the day, I was watching Taking Back Sunday perform and the crowd was too much for the space we were in! It got crazy, and people stepped on my shoes, which caused them to come off. They got lost in the crowd, and bending down to look for them was not only impossible, but would have been dangerous for my safety.  I never saw them again! The best thing to do is to wear boots or sneakers that you can tie or buckle.
    screamo screamo gotta gooo

    Bring food.  You need the energy, and the venues usually have really gross, overpriced food. I know you're usually not supposed to bring food in, but I always manage to sneak in a few granola bars or something, so you should be okay!

     Drink A LOT of water! Dehydration is no fun. There are often water bottle refilling stations. Use them!

    Wear sunblock. Your skin will thank you when you don't look like a lobster with a farmer's tan the next day.

    Don't drink too much! Alcohol, I mean. Word! You will thank me.

    Bring hand sanitizer or baby wipes. Yeah.

    Make friends! Be nice to people in the pit, talk about bands, strike up a conversation in the port-a-potty line, haha!

    Who is this guy? I don't know but he's excited

    Don't complain! It is nice to have a plan, but don't be afraid to change it up or try  new things!  Sometimes things go wrong. But whether you didn't get to meet 30h!3, or a crowd surfer fell on your head, just make the best of it and remember: you are there for the music!

    HAVE FUN! Rock on and have an awesome time.

    xx! Nikkidee

    April 5, 2010

    New Header!

    Hey birdies! What do you think of the new header? 
    I just finished it a few minutes ago, and I kind of love it!

    Also, I found out last night that my friend Jack and I were accepted as designers in a fashion show called Sisters on the Runway.  
    The show benefits women who have been affected by domestic violence, and I am so honored to be a part of it.  We had an interview last Tuesday, and we were super nervous the whole week waiting to find out if we had made it. We are working together on four pieces.  We decided that our theme will be rebirth.

    Here are the two designs that I submitted:

    What's going on with you this week?

    xx, Nikkidee

    April 4, 2010

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to everyone who celebrates it!

    Take today to chill out a bit.  Watch these videos about peace and love! Think about what you stand for and what you believe in; and have a great day, birdies!

    xx, Nikkidee! :]


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