August 23, 2010

Things I Love This Week

Hello everyone! The weather is kind of lame today in New York, but that's okay. I feel like it's been a long time since I've done a TILTW, so let's doooo it.

♥ So, I'm now officially addicted to the show Weeds on Showtime. Does anybody else watch it? I just started it the other day and I'm already up to season five. Seriously, this show is making me its bitch.

♥ In other news, I'm working on getting my website completely up and running with Paypal. Hopefully by tonight or tomorrow it will be completely set up. Don't forget to keep checking back for new products! I'm doing the best I can to keep it up while I'm getting ready to go back to school.  I am so, so excited for this.

Going back to school soon! I'm excited to move into my apartment that I'm going to be sharing with six of my friends this year. It's going to be crazy. I can't wait. I'm pumped to learrrrn! (Ummm nerd alert.)

Skype! It is the best thing for college students.
Parties! House parties, parties in the city... as long as I am with my friends, we can have fun in a cardboard box!
 I gave this Mexican tequila to my friend as a gift. It has a real scorpion at the bottom!

I went to a ...umm, Health and Safety Meeting in Brooklyn with my friends.
Yaaay safety!
Tae and I were on!
♥ I am totally loving all of the style direction pieces that are popping up in the bloggaweb. Who started this trend? I am thinking maybe it was Gala Darling. I am going to do one of my own for this season, and I suggest you do one too! If you don't know what I'm talking about, 
-here are 2010's and this season's style direction pieces by Gala Darling. She calls them "Psychedelic Ladies Who Lunch" and "Gossip Girl on Acid". Cute!
-here is a seriously sweet one by Luinae called "Fairytale Dancer".
I think mine might be called "Urban Gypsy"!

My last day at work for the summer. Woo!
Drawing, drawing, drawing! My sketchbook is filled with so many Aviva designs that I can NOT wait to get started on.

Runninggg. I recently purchased the Nike+ sportband and I'm obsessed. It logs your miles, pace, and more and you can upload it to

Muuusic! There are so many awesome concerts coming up that I am planning to go to. I am seriously stoked for them. I'll keep ya updated on which ones I am going to; maybe you'll see me there! I know for sure that I will be attending Envy on the Coast's farewell performance at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza this Saturday. (Read their vocalist Ryan Hunter's explanation for the breakup here. It's so sad and beautiful. I wish them all luck in their future endeavors.)
On a happier note, my older brother is releasing a rap album soon called iParty . Check out his Facebook page and some of his tunes here: Vinny Blanco!

♥ Babyloves: ♥ study abroad research!, "I passed the test...and I didn't sneeze!", planning trips, finding old pictures in my basement, decoration planning, buying kitchen wares, Sonic trips with sing-alongs, old friends, telling scary stories with friends, fruit salad, late night coffee-and-cheesecake trips to the diner in the rain with my best friend, longgg Facebook wall posts.

Alllrighty, I am out like trout! See you later! What are you loving this week?

August 13, 2010

NEW WEBSITE and launch of AVIVA! Happy Friday the 13th!

Hey guys! Today is Friday the 13th!

It is also
the launch of

I am ridiculously excited. Please go to my (NEW!) website

Okay, so the paypal isn't in effect yet and there's only one shirt up but...
my line is launched!

And I promise I will be adding tons more stuff over the course of the weekend, so stay at your computer and keep hitting refresh! Just kidding! But stay tuned!



August 12, 2010

Website Sneak Peek! Fashion! Yay!

Hey guys!

I have some really exciting news, and all of you wonderful people who read my blog are going to be the first ones to find out!
Sometime very soon, I will officially be launching a new fashion line, called Aviva by Nikki Dee!  
Aviva is a Spanish word that basically means "to ignite".  This line is inspired summer music festivals, and by all of my super-talented friends who are in the performing arts.  The clothing will be sold online very soon.
Clearly I am super super duper excited about it, and I hope you get excited about it too!

On top of that, I am completely revamping my website (  Here is a sneak peek of what it is going to look like:

What do you think?!


August 9, 2010

Modcloth Contest for Kaboodle Styleboard

The past few days, I have been making sets using Kaboodle Styleboard. Okay, yes, I realize that I am cheating on Polyvore by using Kaboodle Styleboard. However, I have have been using it- you can connect with Facebook!- to make sets for the Modcloth "A+ Look for Fall" Contest. Winners receive gift cards! If that is not enough incentive, Kaboodle Styleboard is really easy to use. It has some cute styleboard backgrounds. There is also a "hide background" button to makes the background of an item transparent instead of solid white for layering, which isn't always available on Polyvore.  So if you want to win some cute new clothes for school, enter the contest- and post your entries in the comments!  You can submit up to ten collages.

Here are my 3 favorites that I made for the contest:

Cherry Boom

Cherry Boom
Cherry Boom by supernikkidee

This girl spent the summer abroad and returned to school with a new internship and a new style!

Sail into Fall

Sail into Fall
Sail into Fall by supernikkidee

This girl spent her entire summer on a sailboat. She fell in love with the sea and is taking it with her this semester- in style.

Rockin' Robin

Red Robin
Red Robin by supernikkidee

This girl spent her summer taking summer courses in music and business. She's going into fall as a tour manager for the hottest new band.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Can you tell that my favorite color combination for fall is red, gray, and blue? As much as I completely adore summer, I can't wait for the fashion options that fall gives us.

Post your entries in the comments! Good luck!

August 3, 2010

Viva Mexico

Hola amigos! What's goodington?

As stated previously, I went on a trip to Mexico last week with some family and friends. I took a flight out of Newark airport that was six hours long- that is the longest flight I've ever been on! (I know, it's not that long compared to like, Australia. But still.)  I stayed in Cabo San Lucas, which is in Baja California. It was beautiful. And amazing. I fell in love with the whole place. If I had 5 pesos for every time I declared that I was going to "miss my plane" and just live there forever, I would have....a lot of pesos.

I'm going to wax sort of poetic for a second, because I want to just talk about how awesome it was.  I think part of the reason that Mexico is so beautiful is because, of course, it has all of these bright colors and patterns and people, full of life and celebration and this really cool culture and movement. Big colorful flowers, spicy foods, traditional dresses. But at the same time- and here I want to invoke an image of "El Dia de Los Muertos" or the "Day of the Dead"- there is complete sense of reality to everything, a darker side. You remember that you are in the middle of the desert.
It is seriously beautiful. I am in love.

So with that being said, here are some pictures:

Mexican coffee. Hint: it has tequila in it.

This is a club I went to nearly every night called El Squid Roe. It consists of three floors and no roof.  I asked someone what they do when it rains and the response was "what rain?" !  Both tourists and locals go there, so I met a ton of interesting people.

The marina

I drink, therefore I am.

Okay, seriously. Paradise.

A shop on the street selling Mexican wrestler masks, among other things.


"Divorce Beach" was right across from "Lovers Beach", except it had crazier waves. Haha!

Me and Cait!

Legit nightlife

The desert.

What have you done this week? Have you gone on any trips lately? What is the longest plane ride you have ever endured? Share in the comments!


August 2, 2010


Hola everyone. Heyyyy. Just letting you know that I am indeed alive.
So, I went to Mexico. It was AWESOME. Pictures and stories to follow later. However I will tell you that I got into all kinds of wacky hijinks, met many awesome people, ate a mango on a stick, took a water taxi a bunch of times, partied in a club without a roof, and got a sunburn, among other things!
I know I'm making excuses, but I worked until 11 p.m. today so I am going to leave you hangin' with some pictures from my trip.
 A really blurry "myspace" style pic of, from left: my younger brother, Bertha, and me.
 Beautiful. The Pacific Ocean.
 Mexican dancers.
The "Smallest Bar in the World", aka Slims Elbow Room. I have not verified this is pretty small though!

 Alllright I promise I will try to post something tomorrow. Good night!

PS: Did you celebrate National Dance Day?! It was on Saturday...and if you did, how did you celebrate it? I celebrated by dancing along to music at work. I wish I could have gone to one of the big events. Did you go?



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