April 25, 2011

Happy Easter and Happy Spring from Wishful Thinking!

gosh I'm so lazy just screen pasting from Tumblr. BTW YOU CAN FOLLOW ME HERE hehehe

Happy Spring Everyone!

PS here's a bonus sketch of my and my roommate bwahaha. I posted it on her facebook wall and our friend commented, "This has to stop if u both want bf"s!!!" What a jokesterrr everyone knows that good friendship is the perfect blend-ship.
(I didn't sleep last night and I'm a bit loopy, sorry!)
Also, my next post will be an outfit post, I promise!

PS I'm obsessed with this song and you should be too: (isn't she so cute?)

Oh, everybody's starry-eyed ★___


April 17, 2011

Tommy from the X-Men (Morlocks) - holy hair inspiration, Batman!
(Okay I know Batman is DC but whatever.) I want this hair!

That is all.



omg my life is awesome I love being retweeted I feel internet famous hehehe

so YEAH if you're in NYC tonight PLEASE come to the Recycled Runway 3rd annual sustainable sustainable fashion show at Parsons the New School for Design!!!  Lovely longtime readers may remember that I designed for the show last year as well.  This is my second year taking part and it's a really fun time.  Tickets cost only 3 dollars at the door.

Hope to see you there!


April 13, 2011

goshhh....a self-portrait video

Remember how I was slaving over Final Cut to make LIKE TOTALLY THE BEST SELF-PORTRAIT VIDEO EVER!? HAHA well, this is the result. I started out with a very different plan, but I am actually a fan of this one.
This is my first time using TOTES AWESOME PRO VIDEO CAMERAZ and Final Cut, ever.
Oh my gauche I hope my media teacher likes it!!!

Tee hee hee what do you think?

Mustache TV- Atom and His Package
Smash the Floor- We Bang


April 3, 2011


WHAT'S POPPIN you guys?
Just thought I'd check in real quick....

Firstly, this is my life right now:

I'm learning Final Cut for my media class. I have to make a self portrait...my least favorite kind of assignment. But I'll show you guys when it's done.

I found some pretty ace video tutorials for the program on youtube. For example, these.

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥     ♥ 
Secondly, it's time for shameless social media..harassment.

Follow me on Tumblr HERE for doodles and Harry Potter jokes.
If you have a Pinterest account, follow me HERE for many inspiration boards of cute  apartments and cuter dogs.
Follow me on Twitter HERE for links and me complaining about my lack of sleep.

See? I have way too many accounts. Can you tell I really, really wanna be internet famous? SO SHAMELESS.  Also, I am soon gonna start posting up videos and also, the real excitement of the day, I'm gonna open an Etsy shop soonYAY! Also, at first I forgot the other "o" in "soon" so that sentence read: "I'm gonna open an Etsy shop, son."

Also, I went to a rad dubstep concert last night at the club Hiro.  Was anyone else there? The music was wubwubwubwub-werrrrr-werrrrr-werrrr-wreeeee fantastic. Unfortanately I didn't take any pictures of my outfit. Which sucks, cause I looked totally cute lols. OH WELL NEXT TIME.

What have you been up to this weekend? DO YOU FEEL SPRING IN THE AIR?



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