February 22, 2009

Fashion Week! PIctures

Belated Valentine's Day

Made some funny candy heart sentences with my friend and watched The Princess Bride with my bff and boyfriend.
What did you do, and what are your opinions of the holiday?
Nikkidee :]

February 21, 2009


Blink 182 has announced their reunion!

The news leaked before they announce it officially, but here's Blink 182 announcing the news at the Grammy's:

Yay! I am personally super excited about this. I always loved Blink 182, there's was one of the first CDs I ever bought. They're really influential but know how to have tons of fun with their music.

"I think we should continue with what we've been doing for the past 17 years. I think we should get back on the road and back in the studio and do what we love doing." -Mark Hoppus


What do you guys think of Blink 182, their reunion and the members' other bands?

Nikkidee! :]

February 7, 2009

Links I Love!

I don't know how I didn't find this website before, but The Fashion Police is my new favorite fashion-related page!
With blog-post categories such as "Sock Horror!", "Fashion Fraud Squad", and "Wear or Die", The Fashion Police are sure to keep you informed- and cracking up!

I also really enjoy Gothic Charm School. "The Lady of the Manners"provides lots of snarky but thoughtful posts about gothic fashion and everything that goes along with it. You can also buy merch with logos and quotes from the site. My favorite is a shirt with the phrase "I'm not leaving, I'm flouncing!"
It's even super-enjoyable if you're non-spooky-biscuits.

Altamira has fantastic pictures of well-dressed people in NYC :]


Help has these cool little "help i have a headache" and "help i cut myself" first-aid packs. The packaging has such an awesome design, and is made from molded paper pulp [which means it is compostable and therefore totally environment-friendly!] Their website is hilarious and has a help i'm bored section, which has really entertaining subjects such as "help i have ghosts", "help i have too much money", and "help i am in Munich and I need to use the restroom but I don't know how to say restroom in German." Ha!

♥  Hunter S. Thompson Motivational Posters. That is all I have to say.

Stuff White People Like. There's a book now, most of it's pretty funny.

What are some of your favorite go-to websites?

Nikkidee! :]

February 1, 2009

Love and Not-Love


Things I Love This Week

♥  rhyming in my head for kicks,
♥ giant glasses, 
♥ vogue photoshoots, 
♥ falling-apart-pink phonecases, 
♥ lace-up boots,
♥ snow that swirls around in the sky as it is falling down,
♥watching terrible television with friends,
♥tea parties,
♥making up words,
♥being good at making friends,
♥having an entire conversation without saying a word,
♥looking at swimsuits online and wishing it was spring,
♥sweet talkers,
♥strawberry cupcakes,
♥wednesday dance classes,
♥ looking at the bright side of life,
♥being a second semester senior


Not- Love
• when people are negative for no reason
• being tired of winter
THESE ! hahaha
• waiting for college application results

What are you loving this week?!


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