December 31, 2010

What Do I Wear on New Year's Eve?!

Let's face it, sometimes with all of the hype and pressure to have fun, New Year's Eve can be a bit of a letdown.  But I am a firm believer in the New Year's ritual getting some closure on 2010 and smashing in 2011 (two-thousand-and-heaven!) with positivity and a great time. So whether you're celebrating the end of this year by courageously smushing into Times Square to watch the ball drop, dancing the night away, or eating chinese food with your cat, I hope you have a great New Year's! I encourage wearing glitter, awesome shoes, and something that makes you feel fabulous-even if you aren't leaving the house.
I'm going to be spending the night partying it up with my closest friends from home in my hometown, wearing this:

Just kidding! I am planning on wearing a white dress- as a symbol of a fresh start and also as a nod to the whole "two thousand and heaven" thing- and also red, since it's supposed to be good luck to wear red on New Year's!  I'm also really feeling glitter this year- think super-sparkly make-up and piling on the jewelry!

If you still don't know what to wear, here's some inspiration!


NYE 5 by nikkidee featuring white vests


NYE 6 by nikkidee featuring blue pants


NYE 3 by nikkidee featuring pink boots

Yes, I do own a pair of 2011 glasses and HECK YES I will be wearing them tonight.
Be safe and have fun tonight!


December 30, 2010

bitches, man

Why is it that almost EVERYONE affiliated with the fashion industry is a total beeeeeeetch? I realize that "that's just how the industry works" and all, but...why? It's completely unnecessary most of the time.  And actually, I really think that a lot of this new generation of fashion...uhh i hate the word "fashionistas". Aspiring fashion people? I really think that a lot of the new aspiring fashion people are way more positive and open to change, however many people still have a snooty and bitchy attitude- even among young people. So why are we just letting this continue? People are constantly using the excuse of "well that's just how the industry works"- I hear it all the time, even from people my age and even in school from my teachers. Welllp, my question is why? Why can't we change it? We're the new up and comers, right? We're supposed to be making things better.
I love change.
Seriously though, can we try and be more positive, open-minded, and generally nicer? This world is crazy and fast-paced but there's no need to conform to that fashion bitch stereotype.
I wanted to end this post with a clip of the kid in the movie Say Anything who goes "bitches, man", but I couldn't find it anywhere online. so oh well...bitches, man.


December 28, 2010

i should probably get a tumblr but i'm too lazy

One of my friends is doing this on her Tumblr and I thought it was a cute idea. Maybe I'll do it. You should. Maybe I should just get a Tumblr? What on earth is the difference? This actually seems like something that people would do on LiveJournal....8th grade throwbaaack!

EDIT fine I got a freakin Tumblr. it's not my normal urls though so go find it... shouldn't be that hard

What a waste of a post, yeah? Well let's talk about fashion things.... NY Fashion Weeks schedules are up... are you going to any shows this year?

 are you excited for NYE? what are you going to wear?!?!? if you don't know yet, then don't worry. I'll post some polyvores or something soon...soon....

IN THE MEANTIME GO PLAY IN THE SNOW (if you live somewhere where it's been blizzarding)  Today I did snow activities and it was very fun.

December 25, 2010

happy holla-days!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


December 9, 2010


In case you didn't know, it is currently FINALS WEEK here at the New School.  Actually, Parsons pretty much has FINALS MONTH because there is so much work towards the end with projects and studying for tests and AHH.  But I just had midnight pancakes in the student center so that was nice of them.

also by the way, IT IS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY.  On Saturday I will be one year older. I am actually pretty young compared to most of the people here, as I have come to find out. In fashion digital studio I sit between a woman who is 28 and one who is 21. They are both older than me and upon finding out my age one of them said "Oh goshh you are a babyyy!" Whatever. I think I am old.

SPEAKING OF FASHION DIGITAL STUDIO would you like to see a snippet of my digital studio final project that I am working on? YES?! Well here you go.

Here is on of the  merchandising pages for a line that I designed along with digitally rendered flats and digitally rendered fashion figures wearing the designs. I also created those patterns and plaids on the computer....hint hint potential employers....

You guys wanted to see some of my work, right? weeeelllllp. What do you think?

PS I know you bloggers like to shop...wellll if you have Visa or Mastercard I wouldn't use it for a bit! Same goes for Paypal..just to be safe! Google Wiki Leaks!



Cell Phone Uploads, My First Parsons Project, and Anna Sui

Anna Sui came and did an interview at Parsons in the Fashion Building. Uh, she mostly talked about how when she was in school at Parsons she didn't go to class much and went to a lot of clubs! Haha, I don't think that our dean, Simon Collins, was too happy about that. Students at Parsons nowadays could DEFINITELY not get away with that! You'd fail in an instant. She also stressed the importance of internships. It's true dude!

Here is a not-so-great cell phone photo of the interview. Students were allowed to go see it and they recorded it live also.
After it was over, Anna and the dean got into the elevator going up. I also had to get back to class but then the dean jumped out for a minute and my and a few of my friends were in the elevator with Anna Sui!  Ahhh, it was so cool, but I froze and couldn't think of anything to say to her besides, "Thanks so much, that was cool." Gosh I am lame. It's like when I met Richard Chai at Teen Vogue Fashion University (oh my gosh I haven't written about that yet have I? I am terrible and sorry.) I ran up to him after his talk and as like YOU ARE SO AMAZING AND INSPIRING ZOMGZ.  He was totally sweet about it though. ANYWAY! Moving on...

I finally uploaded some pictures from my phone.  Here is my first project in Concepts class for Sophomore Fashion Design. I snapped a picture right before my presentation and critique. I was nervous!
The project was "fall dresses". Here's my mood board, fabric board (HAHA its awful), flats, and croquis.  Um, I promise my croquis have gotten much better throughout the semester.  My inspiration was the circus.

Here are some terrible-quality photos of my drawing process. The assignment was rendering prints.

And a random sketch from drawing class:




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