July 29, 2011

What to Wear on a Long Flight

Hello, hello! Ciao, hola, bonjour, what is good?
I'm just gonna get straight to it: I've heard many requests for help about a certain topic. It's vacation time, summer study time, whatever, and many ladies are wondering:

How can I stay stylish while traveling?
How do I stay comfy yet cool on a long flight?

Well, it's actually pretty easy! There's a secret to comfy travel dressing, an it's all about these three things-

  1. Comfortable, natural fabrics
  2. Basic Shapes
  3. Layering

Also, remember this: shoes are key! Especially when you are traveling, shoes can be the most important part of your outfit. They are the base, and if your feet are uncomfortable, you'll be unhappy and it will show! That being said, there are plenty of cute and comfy shoes out there! NO NEED TO BUY CROCS OKAY GUYS?!?! Also, you might want to wear shoes that are easy to slip on and off- TSA regulations require you to take your shoes off while going through security in the USA.

Here are some examples of some stylish, long flight-friendly outfits!
Long Flight?

On my recent 6 hour flight to Mexico from New York, I wore basically this outfit. A loose cotton tee with some fun shorts or harem pants, a light scarf large enough to spread out over you on the plane, Toms sneakers, and a cute necklace (it's a paper airplane!) Don't forget that big ol' carry-on bag, and throw a hoodie or cardigan in it. Even if it's hot where you're going, the plane will probably be cold.

Flight Outfit, 2

Here's another outfit idea- a cute midi-length dress with a cardigan. Add some cute bracelets and lace-up boots or flats and you've got an instant cute outfit.

I might add some more later, but I want to see your ideas! What's your favorite outfit to wear on a plane? Share your ideas, pictures, or Polyvore sets in the comments!

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-arthur william edgar o’shaughnessy


July 13, 2011


HEY you guys!  I just wanted to let you know that I'm still here...no te preocupes.
I've been super ridiculously busy...recently moved into a new apartment, working many many hours at my new job, about to have two internships, a big trip to Mexico coming up, meeting new friends and nights sitting around talking about movies and comics and music and relationships and life.
I'm also working on some cool new art and fashion projects that I'm pretty excited about. I'll hit you guys up with a peek soon enough.

I ALSO wanted to take this time to mention that I finally have my new Etsy shop up!
It is called "palloncino" which means "balloon" in Italian.
Here's the little mini-description I've got up at the moment:
Welcome to my NEW SHOP, palloncino! Here you will find whimsical clothing and accessories made with a lotta love. Think Hello Kitty on Adderall at Warped Tour.
I'll be adding a ton of new stuff up in the coming weeks, so please check it out!

Thanks so much for reading, you guys, and I hope you're all having an amazing summer! How's it going? Personally, I am mentally preparing myself for the midnight premiere of HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART TWO on Thursday night. It brings a lot of questions: is this really the end? what will i wear? WILL I EVER STOP OPENLY WEEPING ABOUT THIS?!?!?!?!?



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