April 24, 2012

Project Vagabond NYC

Woahhhh! It's been a minute and a rough month, but I'm back, and Blogger looks....different? Seems like it's gonna take some getting used to.

Anyway, I have some exciting news! After a heck of a lot of planning and some collaborations, I am so, so so excited to present my new project to you all: Project Vagabond!

The basic premise of Project Vagabond is that it is a clothing project that fuels community, events, and social activism.  We are interested in using art and fashion to propel events and causes into the community. We're really just trying to bring people together through art, fashion, and interesting events.
At the same time we hope to explore & discover how fashion grants access, forms groups, and affects social situations.

Our first event is going to be a photo-shoot collaboration about street style and fashion in public spaces.  If you show up, you have the chance to be featured on our blog (PROJECT VAGABOND ON TUMBLR) and in a guest magazine. CHECK OUT OUR ETSY STORE!

And if you need some motivation to check us out, here's a behind the scenes photo from our recent photoshoot.

Vagabond Fringe Tee modeled by the lovely Avanti!

It's going to be happening on Saturday, May 5th (CINCO DE MAYO!) in Thompkins Square Park in NYC at 2 PM. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

I know that this is a lot of links, but I'm really super excited and I wanted to share this all with you guys first!
Hope to see you on Cinco de Mayo!



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