August 30, 2012

SuperNikkiDee TV

HEEEELLLOOOO! Did you know that I have Youtube Channel? It is called SUPERNIKKIDEE TV !!!! Check out my Question and Answer Video:


Woop woop! BEST WISHES,

June 17, 2012

Hey guys! So I know I posted this whole style direction post and everything but really I just decided that I want to wear ripped band tees and glitter all the time and really fresh Nikes and a lot of smudgy mascara and ten pounds of chapstick. that is my new style direcition Also, I was thinking of moving this whole shebang over to tumblr. I think it might be easier for my readers to follow and repost stuff there, and it is also easier for me to post things in a more casual way and also ON THE GO! What do you think? <3 MUCHO LOVEO


May 6, 2012

Style Direction: Watercolor Goth

Hello friends!
How are you on this fine spring day? I can literally hear birds chirping outside of my window. Even the grating sound of someone continuously pressing the buzzer in my neighbor's apartment can't annoy me today.
That being said, it is finals right now, and I kind of feel like I'm going to keel over and explode at any minute now. If you are in the middle of finals as you read this, good luck and remember to breathe!

In the spirit of spring time, I've decided to write up a little Style Direction post featuring my Spring and Summer 2012 style that I'm feeling right now.

For lack of a better name, I'm going to temporarily title it

Wicked Watercolor Riot GURL

or maybe Wicked for short. Maybe FROTH- frothy fresh goth.  Watercolor Wicked? There we go.  I like them both.

So anyway, forging on! When it comes to fashion, (and life), I crush on everything.  I can't help but mix a million elements into my personal style. My ADHD addled art student brain sops up everything and mixes it in the blender to spit out a darkly glittering cocktail of INSPIRING FEELINGS.

 The recipe for my Watercolor Wicked style is as follows:

Take the fabrics, jewelry, and silhouettes of the First War era glam, dunk it in the colors of a Kathy Dennis Impressionist Watercolor, and sprinkle in the accessories of a true riot punk.

Use as many OLD THINGS as possible to achieve this look. (And remember, darling, time is elastic, and old is subjective.)

all images are click-through to source

what i'm into for summer: fluffy shorts under fifties dresses, shredded and cropped tees, Peter Pan collars, fresh-to-death colorful sneakers, gypsy jewelry, comic book tee-shirts, spiked accessories, knee socks, black, pastels, flowers in my hair, snapbacks and baseball caps.

What's your style inspiration this summer?


April 24, 2012

Project Vagabond NYC

Woahhhh! It's been a minute and a rough month, but I'm back, and Blogger looks....different? Seems like it's gonna take some getting used to.

Anyway, I have some exciting news! After a heck of a lot of planning and some collaborations, I am so, so so excited to present my new project to you all: Project Vagabond!

The basic premise of Project Vagabond is that it is a clothing project that fuels community, events, and social activism.  We are interested in using art and fashion to propel events and causes into the community. We're really just trying to bring people together through art, fashion, and interesting events.
At the same time we hope to explore & discover how fashion grants access, forms groups, and affects social situations.

Our first event is going to be a photo-shoot collaboration about street style and fashion in public spaces.  If you show up, you have the chance to be featured on our blog (PROJECT VAGABOND ON TUMBLR) and in a guest magazine. CHECK OUT OUR ETSY STORE!

And if you need some motivation to check us out, here's a behind the scenes photo from our recent photoshoot.

Vagabond Fringe Tee modeled by the lovely Avanti!

It's going to be happening on Saturday, May 5th (CINCO DE MAYO!) in Thompkins Square Park in NYC at 2 PM. You can RSVP to the Facebook event here.

I know that this is a lot of links, but I'm really super excited and I wanted to share this all with you guys first!
Hope to see you on Cinco de Mayo!


March 16, 2012


HEY GUYYS! It's been like AGES so in the spirit of happiness and Disney and springtime and breaks, here is a THINGS I LOVE THIS WEEK!
I am currently on my Spring Break and it's been amazing so far! I have had my share of both excitement and relaxation, and I am in the best mood.  I was in Orlando, Florida from Saturday until yesterday with some of the best people, and we spent a few days hanging by the pool and two days at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO! It is one of my favorite theme parks (My favorite rides are Harry Potter ride, Spider-Man, and ET-hahahha!) and I had a blast!

Things I Love:

♥ pizza; ♥ getting to spend part of my break on vacation in Orlando, Florida!; ♥ Marvel Comics (duh but seriously..I am so thankful that Marvel exists in the world); 

here i am fighting the Green Goblin. Don't worry, i totally kicked his ass and saved the city. You're welcome.

♥ Craigslist; ♥ The Shins; ♥ reading a good book all night because I can't stop reading even though I have to wake up early; ♥ nice people who work in airports (IT IS A RARE THING); ♥ Dr. Seuss; ♥ mini roller coasters; ♥ pad thai; pastel colors; ♥ sunglasses; ♥  sunshine; ♥ cute lizards; ♥ Superhero Island; ♥ The Lorax (the book and character, I haven't seen the movie yet!); ♥ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; 

♥ theme parks; ♥ Minnie Mouse; ♥ the importance of a good breakfast; ♥ friends who bring you coffee in the morning; ♥ iHop; ♥ getting style inspiration from magazines; ♥ forgetting that sometimes it's hard for people in Florida to understand me because I talk really fast and have a bit of a NY accent. ♥ sneaking into the pool after it closes; ♥ being back home, where people walk fast and ice cream places stay open after 9 pm; ♥ characters

What are you thankful for this week?


February 27, 2012

Apartment Inspiration Part Two: Tips for Living in a Tiny Space

Whether you live in a college dorm, a tiny apartment, or the abandoned boxcar of a train (do you remember THE BOXCAR CHILDREN?!) you have probably struggled with living in a tiny space. Humans are meant to have ROOM to live! (I accidentally wrote 'love' at first; 'room to love' how cute.) But alas-urbanization! Globalization! Needing-twelve-roomates-to-afford-your-rent-ization! I get it, man. Last year, I had six roommates. Now I have two, and it is much easier to breathe, but we are set on making our small apartment as lovely as possible.

So without further ado, here are some mini-tips and tricks for living in a small space.

♥ If you have roommates, share! This should be obvious, no? There is no reason for having 3 vacuum cleaners or 15 coffee mugs (we really like teacups and coffee mugs, it's becoming a problem.)
♥ Multi-use or foldable furniture. A sofa that turns into a bed, a table that folds up and down to become bigger or smaller, stackable chairs.
♥ Open your shades! If you have windows, it definitely helps to have some sign of an outside world. Even if your view isn't exactly of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, it helps. Also, one good thing about having a small apartment is that I almost never have to turn my lights on during the day because a little bit of sunlight lights the whole apartment. Holla at my low electric billllll!
♥ Mirrors are also supposed to make rooms look bigger and reflect light. However, I'd advise against having too many mirrors simply because it becomes hard not to look in them all the time! (Va-va-vanityyy, uh oh.)  My roommates and I also quickly learned that having a mirror in the kitchen is super-weird, because people don't really like to watch themselves eat.

That's all I've got at the moment; I'll try to update soon with some pics or illustrations...! This is a really crazy time of year! (Okay, seems like it's always a crazy time of year.)

Do You have any tips for living in a small apartment?!

with love and sweet-potato fries,

February 1, 2012

A Wild Outfit Post Appeared!

Hey guys!  I took some outfits photos for once in my dang life. It's been a while!

They are maybe not the best quality because i took them with photo booth, but let’s just be content with the fact that i took them at all.  I was really excited about my outfit, I think mostly because I had a really great day in it.

what a goofball

♥ pants: ASOS
♥ top: H&M
♥ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
♥ hat. i've had it for a while...the tag inside says Christy's Crown Series, and then there's another tag that says By Tony Merenda. I LOVE wearing hats, especially to interview to anywhere you're going to meet new people. I think they are comforting and also make you stand out!
These pictures are from Monday. On Monday I went to Brooklyn, had some tea, had an interview for a sweet internship (I start Friday!), walked around in the sunshine, FINALLY got a library card and took out some books, and went to French class. Excellent day.
My roommate asked if my outfit was Reeve Carney inspired (HAHA! maybe subconsciously! the boy’s got style).  I might do a Style Crush post with him soon; I haven't done any Style Crush Dudes posts yet, have I?!

See you soon my loves. AND follow me on Tumblr, especially if you like comics. I post much more comic-related things, and just more things in general, on my tumblr than i do here.

Have a lovely week and stay inspired!


January 28, 2012

Apartment Inspiration 2012

Decorating for Young Adults with Teeny Homes 
What I Wish My Apartment Looked Like And How I'm Going to Make it Happen

My roommate's and my lease ends in June and already I keep thinking to myself, "when we get a bigger place...."  Well, that's not always possible if you are a.) on a limited/student budget; b.) living in a big city; c.) both.  So I told myself, get with the program, Nikki. You will MAKE. IT. WORK. (Did you get the Tim Gunn reference? I do go to Parsons, after all.) Here's what I'm going to do:

  •  first, post my inspiration. 
  • Then I will talk about some tricks of living in a small space. 
  • Then, I will show some ways that I made my apartment look great while still being functional.

So let's start with the fun part: INSPIRATION YAAYAYAYA

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Okay, so what I did first was: I collected a few (a ton of) pictures from The Great and Powerful Interbot that appealed to me. And yeah, I know that last one isn't' even an apartment, it's a tent. I just really like tents, okay? Tents and caravans. No wonder my apartment is so small. And packed with stuff.
You might have also noticed that these pictures all range wildly. Therefore, my next step is to try to figure out which specific elements appealed to me, and what the pictures may have in common. This is clearly a very scientific method of decorating. It's okay, they do it at Frog Design. (This might be true but I may have just made it up.)

That was fun, wasn't it?
Now it's your turn: what does your DREAM HOME look like?
Share in the comments, or on a site like Pinterest. And if these photos weren't enough for you, here's a link to MY PINTEREST BOARD FOR MY DREAM APARTMENT.

See you later!

love and sharing,


January 22, 2012

2012 Style Resolutions

Style Resolutions for 2012
-put more effort into styling my hair. my hair is very long and wavy, and i really only brush it a few times a week. i have three general hairstyles: topknot, down, and ponytail with a headscarf. UGH BORING. There are so many fun things to do. I really love Willow Smith's hair in the Whip My Hair music video. SO COOL!

-experiment with makeup more. It is so easy to fall into a trap of waking up late every day, smacking on some concealer and eyeliner, and running out the door in the mornings. However, my friend Jack recently did my makeup for a video shoot, and she did an amazing job! Thanks for re-opening my eyes to how flawless and fun makeup application can be.  :]

-tutorials and swag videos. I have been saying this for a while, but I'm getting really into videos and I AM GOING TO post some videos! Are there any tutorials that you would like to see? Are there any music, fashion, beauty, or whatever else topics you would like to see me talk about?

I'm gonna make this the best year ever!


January 12, 2012

What I Wore: Birthday Edition

Hello there my sweet bonbons. It's been a while! I'm returning from my little Winter Break writing hiatus and my resolution is to have a more regular updating schedule this year.
My birthday was a few weeks ago (okay, it was in December), so I thought that I'd share some fun pics.

Um, this is one of the only picture of what I was wearing at my party....
♥ black tights
♥ purple and gold polka dotted minidress
♥ Hot Pink Sequined Minnie Mouse ears that almost everyone at the party ended up wearing
♥ no shoes!  because the party never ended up leaving my apartment, hahha!

Check out this beautiful cake that my friends gave me. Thanks so much Mika and Raj, it was delicious! (Also yes that is a magazine tear out of Ellie Goulding)

SO EXCITED about the X-Men glass that was my gift to myself, and coconut cupcake given to me by my bodega dude across the street! what a sweetie.

This is what I wore during the day of my birthday-it was freezing outside!
Those stripey Uniqlo Heat Tech tights are my JAM in the wintertime.

What kinds of things do you love to wear on your birthday?



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