April 23, 2009

Things I Loooove This Week!

♥ The movie Factory Girl. I love it! It actually came out early 2007, I think... it stars Siena Miller as Edie Sedgwick! Since the movie Grey Gardens is out in movie theaters now, about Jackie O's aunt and cousin Edith Beale and Little Edie Beale, I figured it would be appropriate to re-fall in love with everything Edie!

♥ Dying my hair... more pink! :]

Twitter! I know I write about it all the time, but I seriously love it. True, some people take it a little too far- there is such thing as Too Much Information, even on the internet!- but I think it's one of the best social networkin' devices on the interblag.

Overheard in New York. Probably the funniest website ever, and it's a good procrastination tool! :p
Planning outfits for events- like prom :] I have tons of prom outfits on Polyvore- I'll share them here :]

Anticipation! April is almost over... and from now on the rest of the school year is pretty much jam-packed with events! I'm so excited!

Facing your fears

Late-night phone calls

Panera Bread :]

♥ The Goodburger Movie!!!

♥ Car Dance Parties

Earth Day parties!
Love your mother... Get it - mother earth? :p

What is making you smile this week?
Nikkidee! :]

April 21, 2009

Poll Number One

You probably noticed that I added some polls to the sidebar on the right. I'll change them every now and then. I'm using them because I love feedback. I also may use the results for an article or something.
So, thanks to everyone who participated in the first poll! It seems that fashion advice is something that you guys want to see more of, followed by more music and more pictures! I'll do my best to incorporate more of all of the chosen topics, and I hope you continue to provide feedback and enjoy!

There is now also a box on the right sidebar under the Twitter updates where you can
email me !

So please, send me in a fashion question or dilemma, or anything else, and I'll do my best to answer it in a post!
Or, just email me telling me what you think of my blog! I'd love to know what you think of how I'm doing!
Thanks a bunch!

Is there any other feedback about what you'd like to see me write about? Leave it in a comment!

Nikkidee! :]

P.S.: Please link me and tell all your friends about Wishful Thinking! Hopefully I'll have some buttons and banners available for use soon.

April 19, 2009

Style Crush: Monique Powell

Monique Powell is a California based vocalist with an awesome sense of style! She was the lead singer of the ska band Save Ferris, until they broke up in '02. She currently fronts The Mojo Wire and is also working on her solo career and clothing line, Msquared Clothing.

photo by Jeanne Rico

Monique with the rest of Save Ferris

More credit needs to go to super-energetic, stylin' girls who rock!

Nikkidee! :]

April 13, 2009

"Can Ya'll Jerk?"

In Los Angeles and other  parts of California there is blowing up quick a dance/fashion/music meme known as "Jerkin" [silly name, I have to admit]. This crazy new trend dance comes along with songs like "You're a Jerk" by New Boyz and music made by other young, amateur rappers and mixers. It's one of many new club/street/trend scenes that seem to get their roots from both hip-hop and rave culture. 

Here's how to jerk! haha:

I live in New York, so I see kids doing stuff more like this:
"gettin' lite"

Alright, time to practice those moves! Get to it! If you need me, I'll be in the parking lot listening to Sleepy D! haha

Extra Love
♥ Jerkin'
♥ Doin' the Spongebob [this is a pretty old video]
♥ An example of European "Tektonic"
Raaaave, man!

Nikkidee! :]

What I Wore

What I Wore the other day- mad awkward pose! :D
♥ Free People dress
♥ white button down shirt
♥ black tights and belt
♥ We Who See lace up boots

Nikkidee! :]

A Reminder

Creativity is just so much Wishful Thinking.

Get inspired!

Nikkidee! :]

April 10, 2009

What I Wore

What I Wore to the My Only Escape CD release show.

♥ polka dot tank top
♥ Holiday Parade t-shirt
♥ black jeans
♥ Harajuku Lovers Sneakers
What do you wear to concerts/shows?

Nikkidee :]

April 5, 2009

My Only Escape CD Release Show!

Last night I went to the CD release show in Warwick, NY for the local band My Only Escape. It was pretty epic!
Some other really awesome bands played too!
Some personal favorites are To Kill The King and With The Punches. My friends brother is in MOE, and I saw some friends I haven't seen in a while. It was a good time!

They were all great, check 'em out!

Nikkidee :]

April 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

Here are some random thoughts that come to me during the day. Notebooks are the greatest thing ever invented!

♥ I think that Pink Gatsby would be a pretty cool name for a band.
Anything involving dreams and illusions is al
ways good for a band name, don't you think? ;] Gatsby is the epitome of that and I think the color pink symbolizes that as well. Also they kind of seem like they clash together, right? It sounds cool. And that's the most important thing, really. Right, The Rocket to the Moon and the Sun and The Stars in the Summer at Midnight! on a Cloudy Day ?

Fruit is Cute!
Just look at it.

♥ I want to make a fashion clothing line influenced by the Joker.
Uh, dibs!

♥ Crying Marshmallow peeps.

♥ Who are the new Seditionaries?
Opinions? More on this later.

What kind of random things do you think of during the day? How do you remember them and keep track of them all?

Nikkidee! :]



I adore the Kenneth Jay Lane Octopus Ring



and it's SPARKLY!


Nikkidee! :]

What I Wore!

Armani Exchange White button up shirt [total closet staple!]
♥ silence and noise skirt. I think it looks like a watercolor painting!
♥ pink tank top
♥ black tights
♥ brown We Who See lace-up boots! You may remember them from my Love List a while back- I finally got them!
♥ assorted bracelets

Nikkidee! :]

PS: I'm always looking to improve my blog and get more people involved and checkin' it out-so if you could take a second to answer the new poll I've set up in the right sidebar, I'd really appreciate it!
Also, the comments have been lacking lately...and I'm all about feedback! Do it up!

April 1, 2009

bloggedy blog blog

A blog is like a diary a
good friend
a new good friend
it grows with you
it takes time for you to get
comfortable with each other
pass your inspirations off
your ideas
but overall it's all for fun

I need a new header :]

xx Nikkidee


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