January 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour

On Wednesday Night, I attended the first of four New York dates on the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour.
It was, um, AMAZING. Of course.
I have been madly in love with Lady Gaga ever since the first time I saw the Just Dance video.

Glamophonic, electronic, disco baby!

Not the best pictures of me ever, I admit, but whatever! I'm sparkly!
Bee tee dubs, someone at the show asked me if my eye makeup was a decal- it is not. I painted on leopard spots with liquid eyeliner.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial ?

She is an amazing singer, dancer, and performance artist. She manages to be both mysterious and unbelievably candid.
Seriously, I love Lady Gaga. Any events including Gaga or her music are sure to include a. DANCE PARTIES b. OBSCENITY and c. DRESS UP FUN.  Three of my favorite things, woo!      ;]

We just like to party, like to p-p-party, yeah!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

January 14, 2010

Hellooo, I know you have something to say!

Hey there everyone!
I have been writing this blog since about July 2008, and it is now January 2010. Wow!
I notice that not that many people comment, so I was just wondering who actually reads this blog.

Who are you?

Let's all leave a comment saying something about yourself, with maybe a picture? Write whatever you want, as much or as little! You can even write your favorite [and least favorite!] posts, and include a link of your own website if you have one!  I think that would be fun.   :]

Why am I doing this? Partly to get to know my readers better, and partly so you can get to know each other! It is really hard to get yourself out there and to be heard!
Get to it duckiessss! <3

xx, Nikkidee! :]

January 13, 2010

Tag You're It NYC

My friends in my lab class at school did a really cool project called Tag You're It.
For the project, they created a "business" and identity, then gathered in Washington Square Park and attempted to start a giant game of tag.
I think that this could really spread, and maybe happen every weekend in parks, schools, and recreation areas around the city and around the world!

xx,  Nikkidee! :]

January 3, 2010

My Favorite Word

First post of 2010 !
Since one of my New Year's Resolutions is to have more whimsy in my life, I figured I would do a post on my favorite word. :]


capricious humor or disposition; extravagant, fanciful, or excessively playful expression: a play with lots of whimsy.
an odd or fanciful notion.
anything odd or fanciful; a product of playful or capricious fancy: a whimsy from an otherwise thoughtful writer.

It evokes mad hatter tea parties and shooting stars. Candy colored rocket ship pilots to mars, carrying girls in dresses taking trips to the moon. I think of light fixtures made out of forks and spoons.  I imagine children rapping while standing on their heads. Polka dot shoes in yellows and reds. Everyone having love to share, spontaneous trips to anywhere! :D

What's delighting you this year!?
xx, Nikkidee! :]


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