December 31, 2009

New Year's Resolutions

Here at Wishful Thinking, we are going to do something a little bit different as we look towards the new year ahead.

The beginning of a new year is probably the only time I make lists and get organized!
The first list is dreams. I daydream all day long about the magical life I want to have, and the magic that I want to spread to others!
The second list is resolutions to fulfill, either in the new year or beginning next year, that will help achieve those dreams.

Here is my personal list:

♥ Share yours in the comments!


I wish to be a designer of dreams, a style discoverer, a pilot to the sun.
I wish to help the world through creative works.
I wish to be a fashion designer, and challenge conventional ideas of fashion and style
I wish to be part of the creation of music in some way.
I wish to spread the magic and love that I feel in my life every day.
I wish to travel to all parts of the world


I will learn Italian
I will take steps to learning to properly play the piano
I will continue to develop as an artist
I will make friends with many more amazing people!
I will help out and volunteer more!
I will spread whimsy everywhere I go (it is my favorite word!)


Instead of Resolutions, I have little phrases that remind me to stay focused on the ideas in my list!
This year, I have three main ideas that I want to stay focused on as I make my adventurous way through the year!

Get your HEART racing!

♥ Make your DREAM life happen!


I am so excited!  It is time to look back on the decade (!) with love and no regrets!
It is time to look ahead and get excited for a new start!

Thanks for reading, everyone! I love you!
See you next year!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

What I Wore on Christmas

Here's what I wore to visit my family in New Jersey on Christmas!

♥ blue sweater with hearts that I found in my closet! :]
♥ Free People dress
♥ silly hair (Don't worry, I took it down!)
♥ awesome dulce vita shoes that were a birthday gift! I am going to have to post another picture of them soon.

What kinds of cute things have you been wearing lately?
xx, Nikkidee! :]

December 30, 2009

Parsons School of Design: My Story, Part Two

Buona sera, birdies!

 The fabulous Lexy asked me some questions in the comments of my last Parsons post, so I'm going to try to answer a few.

How would you describe your teachers?
It really depends on the teacher.  Most of them are professionals in their field, and can be very tough on students.  They expect excellent work and professional attitudes, but many teachers stay in touch with their students and can be a great contact to have.

How would you describe your classes?
A lot of work! Most of the teachers I have had stuff a lot of information and work into the class period!  For foundation year, all of my classes were 3 hours long each except for drawing and lab. Those two classes are six hours long each. That can seem like a long time, but when you are working the whole time it can fly by.  The first semester of foundation year at Parsons is pretty rigid, because everyone has the same classes and must learn the fundamentals and basics of art and design. The second semester, students have a bit more freedom in choosing their classes and are supposed to have a lot more freedom in their work. My teachers liked to take us to places outside the classroom to give us examples of things we were learning.  I have gone to museums such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Museum of Natural History. My art history professor loved to take us to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I have also gone on field trips to art galleries, Printed Matter, and even just down the street to look at poster designs.  There is also a lot of outside work given, to use the information you learn in class. Students must learn to be very independent and get used to the city, but I also have made a lot of friends in my classes and worked together with them outside of class.

A project I did for 3D class.

A project I did for lab class with two other people.

How would you compare Parsons to other art and design schools?
I can't really compare that much, since Parsons is the only one that I am attending! However based on research and friends, I have heard a lot of things about other schools.  My friend goes to FIT as a photography major and he really enjoys it for that particular subject; plus since it is a SUNY school it is cheaper!  However I have another friend who went there for Fashion Marketing and didn't like it much. No matter what your major, it really really depends on the person. I have heard different things about Parsons, FIT, RISD, FIDM, Marist, Berkeley, MICA, and the Art Institutes.   Location can also be a big factor: some people like to live in cities, some people like to go to a big school, and some people do not!  Ask around and do your research!

How much work do you get on a nightly and weekly basis?
Again, it depends on the teacher and the class.  As long as you are organized and focused, your work will get done. [I am a big procrastinator, so focus is a big one for me!]  You will probably have to pull some all nighters, but this is college- it happens!  It is possible, I promise! You are often expected to travel to other places in the city for an assignment, which can be tough if you don't live in the city and are a commuter.  Art and fashion school isn't always as glamorous as it seems, and it takes hard work and dedication, but I promise that it is so worth it! I am having the time of my life! If you are doing what you love to do, a lot of the time the homework doesn't even seem like work.  I feel thankful and lucky every day that I get to learn about art and design and meet people who are just as passionate about it as I am!

Ooooh, frustrating. :p

 What kinds of things did you submit in your portfolio?
I've seen portfolios that were very very different from mine, and some very different answers to the Parsons challenge. It's all about the individual.  At Parsons, we were required to submit both a portfolio and a Parsons Challenge "response".  I included descriptions, or "artist statements" for each piece I submitted in my portfolio.  I was also required to write a short description for each part of my Parsons Challenge. Here is the link for my portfolio on Flickr.   Here is the link for my Parsons Challenge-however I am not sure if the question is the same ever year.
I would suggest including both real life studies and work that is from your imagination, and including figures and still life.  Include many differeny medias is you would like, but stick to what you are good at.  I also went for an interview, where someone from admissions reviewed my portfolio (not formally) and interviewed me a bit.  I also had a chance to ask her about the school.  I showed interest in the study abroad program and...I don't really remember, but I'm pretty sure I showed mega enthusiasm in all of the programs, haha.  I wore an outfit that was dressed up but still showed my personality- one of my style rules is, "if you want to be remembered, wear a hat!" ;]  Just be yourself, and let your artwork show who you are and your point of view!

Lastly, though, don't worry too much about it.  Stay true to yourself, work hard, and believe that if you are meant to be somewhere, it will happen!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

December 26, 2009

Style Crush: Sonya Tayeh

♥ I have a total girl-crush on Sonya Tayeh.  

Sonya is an American dancer and choreographer who was born in Brooklyn, New York and raised in Detroit, Michigan.
She is a choreographer and guest judge on the TV show So You Think You Can Dance?  

I am a huge fan of Sonya's choreography, and SYTYCD is one of my favorite shows!
Besides being a super-amazing choreographer, Sonya is someone with admirable personal style.  From her hairstyles to her tattoos and everything she wears, Sonya is someone who knows who she is and isn't afraid to show it!

♥ Sonya choreographs "combat jazz", hip hop, and contemporary dance.

I love this interview with her. She is intense, adorable and awesome!

This video is a contemporary dance on So You Think You Can Dance that was choreographed by Sonya.

Seriously, look Sonya Tayeh up on YouTube, because if I had the space I would probably post all of her videos here!

♥ Sonya has a Myspace profile.
♥ Sonya's website is
♥ My post about the PULSE Tour in Atlantic City. Sonya was a guest choreographer and I took two of her classes there.

Who is inspiring you this week?


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December 22, 2009

Thrifty Finds!

I am attending an ugly sweater party this Sunday.  Therefore, I went to Goodwill to find something to wear. I will post the sweater after the party, but right now I'm mega in love with something else I bought there. I found the CUTEST SHOES EVER!
They are Harajuku Lovers, they were (pretty much) my size and they were only ten dollars.

Check out the cute!

This is what I wore today with my new shoes.
Also, you can find and hype this outfit on my LOOKBOOK. ;]

Hooray for unexpected finds!
I also found some other silly things there:

Graffiti on the wall in red crayon.  Poor kid, why would his parents name him Bighead?!

This creepy, staring, blue eyed cat figurine.

Oh, and one more thing:

Merry Christmas!

Love you!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

My favorite time of year :]

I love the holidays! 

They are a perfect time to:

be thankful for what you have!

♥ think about your dreams - and how to make them come true!

spend time with friends and family

be nostalgic

dress up! - wear sparkly dresses, pointy elf shoes and ugly sweaters!

reallyyy get into the spirit - drink hot chocolate (or frozen hot chocolate!), watch Christmas movies (my favorites are Elf, It's a Wonderful Life, The Year Without a Santa Claus, and The Grinch Who Stole Christmas ! What are yours?), play dradle (or the dradle drinking game, hehe!), sing songs... !

"The best way to spread Christmas cheer, is singing loud for all to hear" -Elf

be cozy :]

volunteer !

promote peace and love


So I ask you, my darlings:              
What are some ways that you share the love?

xx, Nikkidee! :] 

Birthday Month of Fun-in Pictures!

During the month of December, I vowed to do every fun thing that was suggested, and to inject a sense of fun into everything I did!
It was a bit exhausting, but super rewarding. A+ experience, stellar time, would recommend others etc etc!
Therefore, I have a bunch of pictures to show you. And by a bunch, I mean a barrel. By which I mean a ton. Which roughly translates to OMG LOTSA  SO MANY

Are you ready for picture overload?!

I did a lot of work for school. Finals!

I turned 18! DUDE.

I bundled up like crazy - in this pictures I believe I am wearing 8 layers on top and five on the bottom, I could barely move my arms - and waited in line for Saturday Night Live tickets at five in the morning.  We didn't get them, but hopefully we will next time!

I went out last Thursday for drinks and yummy food with some friends to celebrate the end of finals and our last day of critiques!

My besties from upstate came to visit and spend a weekend with me in the city. I love them and had an amazing time! Best friend weekend!
Also, it snowed! A LOT!

We went to the Union Square holiday craft show thing. I thought these gloves were hilarious!
My friend and I told the guy selling them that they looked great, and he replied, "they would look better on you!"  Of course I just had to try them on! ;]

Someone wrote some dirty words on this tree in flour at a pizza shop.  What a grinch! My friend and I crossed them out. :]

Wooo! I've been so busy!  What have you been up to, darlings?
xx, Nikkidee!

December 17, 2009

Quote of the Day

"Sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast!"

-Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking Glass

xx, Nikkidee! :]

December 16, 2009

Parsons School of Design: My story, part one.

I've had a lot of people writing to ask me about Parsons. If you follow my blog, you know that I'm a foundation year freshman at Parsons School of Design, or Parsons the New School for Design.

Parsons is a university in New York City for art and design.
♥ I am currently a freshman in the foundation program, which nearly all freshman have to complete.  The exception to this is direct-entry majors such as Photography and Design and Management.  Students apply to the foundation program with their intended major, and then officially declare their major at the end of freshman year.
♥ I'm planning to major in fashion design.  
♥ I applied to five schools and was accepted to all of them. 
♥ Two of them were strictly art or design schools.

Applying was very stressful: I worked on my portfolio, went to portfolio reviews, went to an interview, and submitted 3 recommendations. You also have to submit your solution to the parsons challenge. I think that the school looks for both creativity and technical skill.  You must also have the ability to be articulate about your work.

A piece from my portfolio: ink on paper.

I think that Parsons looks for people with certain qualities: people with design thinking, who are innovators and problem solvers.

Once you are here they work you hard and teach you a lot.  However, everyone here is EXTREMELY talented and hardworking.  It can be intimidating and get stressful and competitive.

Parsons was and is my dream school so I'm a little bit biased. Despite the challenges, I love it here.  It's an amazing creative environment where students learn to challenge themselves.

I hope I helped a bit, I'm happy to answer any questions that are emailed to me or left in the comments.

In other news, it is finals week. STRESSS!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

December 11, 2009

Things I Love This Week


being proud of being a nerd, writing, staying up all night to do things that make me happy not just for class, feeling organized, rediscovering old music, highlighter shades of colors, drawing dinosaurs, jellyFISHES, the Museum of Natural History, BESTIE COMING TO THE CITY AT THE END OF NEXT WEEK, the semester is almost over, the Christmas season in the city, getting excited about the pathetic rain-snow we got, languages, text messaging, skyping with my besties while I do homework, Artichoke Pizza, goin' willld sometimes, zines, being close with my brother, online "screen shopping" -which is the interweb equivelant of window shopping, the fact that all my friends here sing as badly as I do! haha, mcdonalds kids meal toys, HARRY POTTER MARATHONS, a room full of random people singing happy birthday to me at midnight, going into an xxx shop with friends just for jokes and because I can, midnight breakfast,               

I love you all, and so far I've had a great two hours and fourteen minutes of finally being eighteen years old! 
I hope you all have a great weekend! AND I HOPE IT SNOWS THIS WEEKEND IN NEW YORK CITY!

xx, Nikkidee! :]

December 4, 2009

What I Wore

It's been so warm here the past few days... but rumor has it that it's going to snow this weekend!
Here's what I wore yesterday:

xx, Nikkidee! :]

What I Wore, and Some Sketches :]

Hi there lovelies! I'm going to be swimming in schoolwork for the next few weeks, so bear with me!  Today I went to lab class for six hours of drawing and making comics.  Just for fun, I am going to share a few random pages from my sketchbook. :]

This was from a bunch of sketches about girls who desperately "boy-scout" at a university that doesn't have an abundance of straight guys.  The Parsons Goggles are a fictional object, invented by my friend Stephanie, that "make any guy at Parsons hotter simply for being straight." Hahaha, there's a facebook group and everything. Look it up!

These two are idea panels for a project I'm doing about awkward situations on the subway.

I've been pretty addicted to my skinny colored sharpie markers lately.  :]

Speaking of colors, here is what I wore...yesterday! The pictures are from a friend's project that I posed for- for the record, I don't really smoke.  I'm finally liking the cold weather, because it means that I never have to take off my red coat!

Lastly, in other news, New Found Glory is going on tour with Saves the Day, Hellogoodbye, and Fireworks! They will be in NYC on Thursday, February 18. I am unbelievably excited!

What are you excited about this week?

xx, Nikkidee! :]


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