March 17, 2012

Happy Saturday, It's Sunny and I Feel Bright Gray


March 16, 2012


HEY GUYYS! It's been like AGES so in the spirit of happiness and Disney and springtime and breaks, here is a THINGS I LOVE THIS WEEK!
I am currently on my Spring Break and it's been amazing so far! I have had my share of both excitement and relaxation, and I am in the best mood.  I was in Orlando, Florida from Saturday until yesterday with some of the best people, and we spent a few days hanging by the pool and two days at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS ORLANDO! It is one of my favorite theme parks (My favorite rides are Harry Potter ride, Spider-Man, and ET-hahahha!) and I had a blast!

Things I Love:

♥ pizza; ♥ getting to spend part of my break on vacation in Orlando, Florida!; ♥ Marvel Comics (duh but seriously..I am so thankful that Marvel exists in the world); 

here i am fighting the Green Goblin. Don't worry, i totally kicked his ass and saved the city. You're welcome.

♥ Craigslist; ♥ The Shins; ♥ reading a good book all night because I can't stop reading even though I have to wake up early; ♥ nice people who work in airports (IT IS A RARE THING); ♥ Dr. Seuss; ♥ mini roller coasters; ♥ pad thai; pastel colors; ♥ sunglasses; ♥  sunshine; ♥ cute lizards; ♥ Superhero Island; ♥ The Lorax (the book and character, I haven't seen the movie yet!); ♥ The Wizarding World of Harry Potter; 

♥ theme parks; ♥ Minnie Mouse; ♥ the importance of a good breakfast; ♥ friends who bring you coffee in the morning; ♥ iHop; ♥ getting style inspiration from magazines; ♥ forgetting that sometimes it's hard for people in Florida to understand me because I talk really fast and have a bit of a NY accent. ♥ sneaking into the pool after it closes; ♥ being back home, where people walk fast and ice cream places stay open after 9 pm; ♥ characters

What are you thankful for this week?



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