November 18, 2010

Sisters on the Runway

In October I was part of the Sisters on the Runway fashion show at Parsons in October.  Sisters on the Runway is an organization started by 3 students to raise awareness and money for women affected by domestic violence.
The show was held at the Fashion building at Parsons the New School for Design- on the same runway that Project Runway is filmed on!
I worked together with my friend Jack to create a mini collection inspired by the women at Safe Horizon, a center for domestic violence survivors.  We called it Rebirth and sought inspiration in phoenixes and the sunrise.
Here is the collection description blurb from the program:
This ready to wear collection is about starting fresh.  The white symbolizes a new canvas and beginning again again.  We took inspiration from Safe Horizon and the mythical phoenix.  We worked together to make a collection that represents the rebirth of life and strength in women.  This collection celebrates a renewal of spirit.
Original concept sketches:

Our fabulous models were Jennifer, Britt, Becca, and Jules. They were amazing!
 Okayyyy picture storm time:
Me and my roomies who came to the show!

Britt on the runway
Jules on the runway
Becca on the runway

Jennifer on the runway

Me and Jack backstage! It was crazy back there!

just chillin backstage on the set of Project Runway
Me and Britt!

Me and my roomies who came to the show!

Me and Jack a.k.a mini Viktor and Rolf!

I had an amazing time! Thanks to everyone who came out to support such a great cause!

"This is FASHION. We're saving LIVES here." -a student in my history class. ahaha!


November 12, 2010

i love you all

I'm going to post some projects and things over the weekend. Also, I now have a sweet internship with Daryl K!  I worked today so now it is time to go collapse. In the meantime, watch this video. Guaranteed to put a smile on ya face.

Have you watched any Disney movies lately? I love them forever, but a lot of them are actually based on really messed up stories!



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