November 3, 2008

Style as a Way of Living

I just want to say something up about Wishful Thinking.
You may see it as a fashion blog. However, I consider this to be a Style blog. defines "style" as a "distinctive mode of living". 
I like to blog about all kinds of things that affect style: appearance, fashion, music, events, the small things. Life.

Which brings me to my next point. I may not be able to vote just yet, but I definitely have an opinion about the future of the country I live in. Which is why I want to quickly mention the 2008 Presidential election [Raise your hand if you saw this coming].

A lot of people my age figure, "I'm not old enough to vote, so what do I care about the election?" And I think that's ridiculous. I'm not going to discuss my personal views, but I think that everyone should have an opinion about their future. You may not think some things affect you, but they do. I also see a lot of people who have firm opinions on who they would like to be president, but they don't have adequate reasons to back it up. Please, don't be ignorant or uninformed! I'd like to encourage everyone to think hard about themselves and their own personal opinions. Research every side of every issue. Figure out what you stand for. And if you can vote, get out to the booths tomorrow and do it!

xx Nikkidee

•Extra Love: My friend has a very interesting take on politics that he writes about in his blog We The Politics. [It's now linked in my sidebar.] He really knows his stuff and has an open mind. So check it out!  :]


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