October 17, 2010


Ohh sunbeams, I love the internet.

And New York City.
They are really pretty similar, you know.  A lot of bullshit and a lot of really cool people from around the world.
Speaking of New York City, have you heard or read Gala Darling's Love and Sequins #11- it's Up to You, New York, New York.? It is about her time in New York, her thoughts on the great ol' city, and her favorite places. I enjoyed it a lot!  I'm thinking of doing a post on "my" NYC, if anyone's interested. Comments?

My weekend consisted of a lot of sewing, one wild and ridiculous night, going upstate for a total of about ten hours, an apple orchard, car rides and hip hop music stations.
How about you?

Alright. Time to go finish cleaning my apartment and doing homework.

Oh, and my friends made a laser.  Here's a picture of it, just for the jollies.

love, vinegar, and splatters of paint,


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