December 11, 2008

December 11

Today is Dec. 11. Do you know what that means?

It's my birthday!

I'm having a pretty great day so far. :]

I thought this was cute:

I also got some fun stuff from my friends! :]
My friend Bobby's mom made me a ridiculous amount of cookies! They are so good!
My friend Jyl got me this shirt, which I love:

My friend Emily made this! Isn't it so cool?!??

And this is what I wore:
♥ red cami
♥ dress, free people
♥ gray sweater, aerie
♥ red tights, urban outfitters
♥ black boots
♥ a chain! with my grandma's class ring on it! I think it's awesome.

Also: I'm a little behind, but I am addicted to this song!

I'm gonna go have some cake! I hope everyone else is enjoying their day!
But first, for kicks, tell me about your best birthday!

Nikkidee :]

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