February 2, 2009

Goals and iTC

-be more healthy [this includes excercise, food, silly anxiety things, lack of sleep]
-stop skipping dance and just go. don't worry about what the people in my class think and just remember how much fun it is! [this will help with above!] -be more organized [lists=good!] -stay positive and motivated -spend more time with friends. and consequently, less time home. [this will help with the above haha] -start painting for fun again -spend more time on my website, writing, and on fashion projects -work on time management -this week, plan out a course of education for this semester that works for me. [four part independent study?!] -work on bettering my blog, so I have a better chance of getting a media pass to fashion week next fall -continue networking! :]
-jump back into being active with Greenpeace

i think that the itc is an awesome idea, and that if we support each other we can achieve our goals a lot more easily! i know mine is a long list but they all only involve small adjustments in my focus in order to become achievable! i encourage you to post your goals in the comments, too, and keep track of your progress! we can all reach our goals together if we keep each other on track, but ultimately, success is up to you! :
Best of luck!


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