February 1, 2009

Love and Not-Love


Things I Love This Week

♥  rhyming in my head for kicks,
♥ giant glasses, 
♥ vogue photoshoots, 
♥ falling-apart-pink phonecases, 
♥ lace-up boots,
♥ snow that swirls around in the sky as it is falling down,
♥watching terrible television with friends,
♥tea parties,
♥making up words,
♥being good at making friends,
♥having an entire conversation without saying a word,
♥looking at swimsuits online and wishing it was spring,
♥sweet talkers,
♥strawberry cupcakes,
♥wednesday dance classes,
♥ looking at the bright side of life,
♥being a second semester senior


Not- Love
• when people are negative for no reason
• being tired of winter
THESE ! hahaha
• waiting for college application results

What are you loving this week?!

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