May 22, 2009

Quote of the Day

Credit: Picture found here.

Today I found something I think is hilarious good advice over on the blog Haute Macabre

It pertains to hipster-y-ness, shredded tights, and wearing what you want:


"Wear whatever makes you happy, acceptable or not
If you are, in fact, a hipster douchebag, these will hardly amplify the fact
If you’re teetering on the brink of hipster douchebaggery I would stay away from these, unless you’re ready to plunge head-first into plaid everything, fedoras and headbands [headbands on fedoras, maybe? With stuck-on mustaches?]
Just go back to 1 and find inner peace. Punch the next person to challenge your choices."


My personal opinion on shredded tights? They can look pretty cool, but I don't understand the point of buying pre-shredded tights at a store. Almost all of my tights are shredded or have holes in them, but that's because I dance in them, or they rip from regular wear. Why pay extra for something that happens naturally? That's why being a "hipster" is kind of about artificially reproducing uncool sort of experiences - such as ripping your tights. This makes the person look like they don't care about anything - and are therefore "cool". In my opinion and experience, being called a "hipster" is generally looked down upon, though some people seem to strive for it.


Nikkidee! :]

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