October 4, 2009

Chelsea Art Galleries: Part One


Hey there!
On Thursday I spent hours visiting art galleries in Chelsea. It was freezing out but so worth it. My brain was on inspiration overload!

One of my favorites was this exhibition by Brooklyn-based artist Raúl deNieves, called Riddlin Doors. It consisted of a collection of drawings, sculptures and collages that played on the idea of black and white versus color. I loved the concept and visual glee that the artist created. There was graphic black and white broken up by windows to bright, candy-colored fantasy worlds. Amazing! ♥


Here's an excerpt from the press release:

Like the Wizard of Oz, the shift in color palettes, from a graphic two-toned range to a multi-hued display of the fantastical and magical, creates a sense of disconnect and tension.
Replicating this cinematic effect, the artist builds out a narrow hallway in the gallery where a wall divides and acts a medium for the juxtaposition of spaces. A hidden door leads the viewer into the next area: a world in Technicolor.

The technicolored part actually kind of reminded me of Doe Deere's recent effort towards her vision of "Candyfuturism" !


What's been inspiring you lately?


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