September 29, 2009

Links I Love and Daisies Galore

Here's some link-lovin' for the week. I heart procrastination, uh oh!

You Are Beautiful project. Such a great idea, everyone should be reminded of this daily. :] There's a lot of really cool, inspiring artwork on the site as well. Contribute to the love!


Young blaggers have influence in the fashion world! I mean duhh, ;] but it's a pretty cool article. Clickety-click.


♥ Zo is awesome, creative, and has amazing hair. Also, her blog is super rad. :]


♥ Okay, so I had to research geometry in nature for a 2-D integrated design project, and I found this video. It's pretty amazing and way more
informative than any math classes I've ever taken! I think it was made by a cabinet company, so just ignore the advertising towards the end.


♥ LIFE Gallery: The Many Faces of Barbie. Just look at how she's changed! Barbie may be a doll, but she is totally a fashion icon!


Black Swan Vintage on Etsy.


Okay, so you might be wondering what's up with the daisy theme to this post.
Well my favorite band, Brand New, came out with a new CD last Tuesday titled Daisy.


I've listened to it a few times through already and I really like it. It's pretty dark and heavy and I really enjoy it. I might do a full write-up on it at another time, but I figured I would share my happiness and enthusiasm right now! :]
The band is streaming some of the songs from the album on their myspace, so I encourage you to check it out!

Share some cool links with us this week! Have you heard Daisy? What do you think?

Nikkidee! :]


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