November 12, 2009

How to Keep Your Look Hot When It Is So Damn Cold!

I love fall weather! It is my favorite season. Putting together outfits for fall is so much fun. There are so many more choices because you can layer, wear tights and boots, and wear amazing colors.

Sometimes when the weather is changing to winter, it just gets incredibly coldcoldcold. Many of my friends here at school are from other parts of the world, and many have never seen snow or experienced cold weather! I understand their plight: it can be difficult to express style when it is so cold, you don't even want to get out of bed!
In the city it also gets real windy, and in the morning I often feel tired, freezing and lazy! I often end up wearing jeans and my brother's sweaters every day. However, it is good to force myself to get up and put in some effort! Say it with me: effort! So let's drink some coffee, blast some tunes and liven up our looks!
So without further ado, here are some tips on how to stay warm while still looking hot. ;]

Layering! This is the number one thing you can do. Basics are the key to layering. Here are some items that are fabulous for layering:
♥ Long sleeve tops and sweaters.
Here's an example:

♥ tights and leggings! Wear them on their own, on top of eachother, under pants... you have tons of options.

♥ Outerwear!
♥ investing in some quality outerwear is very important for surviving the cold winter. Here are some important outerwear items for winter:
♥ scarves
scarvey things
 scarvey things by nikkidee featuring Alexander McQueen accessories

♥ gloves. I often find that the hands, face and feet are the first parts of the body to get cold. Since they are the extremeties, it is important to keep these parts of the body warm. Don't worry! There are tons of cute ways to keep your hands warm.


That's all for now :]
How do you look cute while staying warm in the winter months?
Nikkidee! :]

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  1. i'm so lucky to have you as my roommate to help me brave the cold..ahaha


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