February 11, 2010

Things I Love This Week

It is very sad about Alexander McQueen. He will be remembered forever, this has been the death of drama, the death of and innovation. He is the true definition of tragic genius.

Here's a little round-up of posts dedicated to Alexander McQueen. If you posted something or know someone who did, leave it in the comments please.

However, life goes on and we must think about the good things in life that make us happy every day.
Here are some things that made me smile this week:

♥ My favorite band, Brand New, is going on tour!

♥ The Demoiselles = really awesome. Gooo, reeeaaaad!

♥ Doppleganger week on facebook was really funny. According to myheritage.com, I look like Camilla Belle, Mandy Moore, and Lalaine - from Lizzie McGwire! (I don't look like any of these people). It also told my roommate that she looked like the Japanese president, and told me that I looked like Mother Theresa. Haha! According to my friend Jack, I look like Marisa Tomei! According to my brain’s wishes, I look like Rogue from X-Men. I love her!

♥ I'm going to see Four Year Strong tomorrow night! I'm super stoked, I have never seen them live and I've heard that they are amazing.
Also, can someone get me this for Valentine's Day? Please?

♥ This picture of Lady Gaga is beautiful.

This upscaled clothing designer reuses clothing and turns them into beautiful things to wear. PS, she graduated from Parsons!

This snowman, who is clearly a student at The New School, was posted on the Look At This Fucking Hipster blog.

♥  Radical  Self  Love

Have a good weekend everybody!  I'll be running around all weekend, working for NYFW and tearing up the city!  Follow me on twitter for updates!  What's making you smile this week?

xx, Nikkidee

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