March 30, 2010

In Other News

In other news, today is Vincent Van Gogh's birthday!

Happy Birthday Vincent Van Gogh!

Maybe he'll cheer up for a change.  Everyone loves you now, man! I'm sorry that she didn't!
Come on, you're bleeding in the cake. Oh that's paint? Well that's okay, we're used to that here.  Love ya!

In other other news:
♥  Lady Gaga's song "Alejandro" is apparently number 87 on the itunes charts

These are pretty funny! I think they are really accurate.

I WANT THIS. I would eat golden meals every day and of course, when life gives you lemons you paint that shit gold

♥ the rain was pretty intense today and I secretly enjoyed it

♥ DEADMAU5 was on Gossip Girl last night.

♥ David Bowie. Enough said.

If you are in NYC, come see my friends The Years Gone By play at Webster Hall tomorrow night! They are super rad.  Jetlag Gemini is playing too.  I will be there! Come say hi, I promise I'm friendly!  I'll be the girl with partially pink hair, probably wearing a TYGB shirt and losing ten thousand scene points while I smile and dance and sing all the words.  I told you they were rad. Pop punk will live forever! I accidentally wrote "love" at first instead of "live" but it is all the same.

xx Nikkidee

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