February 4, 2011

HEYOO, unfashion and monster hats

Hey everyone! My classes have started up again and true to form, I have been too busy to post. Sad news bears. However, I have some pictures from one of my first projects of the semester! I am taking a class called (UN)fashion, in which we learn about world fashions, challenge our ideas of what fashion is, and make an outfit to wear to class each week. Wearing the outfit is different than designing for someone else because...YOU have to actually feel comfortable wearing it through the streets!
Anyway, last week I found a book in the library about street art and became obsessed for a minute. I watched the Banksy documentary, "Exit Through the Gift Shop"-- have you seen it?  I became really inspired by the artist Buff Monster.

My project is a dress I made from a Parsons Student Senate T-shirt. It was like a size extra large, or something.   I sewed in pink jersey panels, made new sleeves, tailored it into a dress, and painted some of my own monster characters on the back.
Here is the result:


Also, I made a monster hat!

I will keep you updated on my projects for this class. I am really really excited about it!
I also am running our class' blog, which you can view here!

Ooookey dokes, see you later!


  1. AH THAT SOUND SO COOL. I just stalked the blog - I LOVE IT. What an awesome class. AHHH. I can't get over it, haha!

    I love your look - especially that hat. It made me coo. It's way too cute.

    Definitely make sure you post more of your projects. DEFINITELY! I'm actually so excited hahaha.


  2. T-shirt and hat are so quirky I love it! I looked at your classes blog as well and all of the outfits are so individual - very impressed.

    Alexandra Thérèse xx


  3. yayyy, thanks! I will totally keep posting my projects :]
    i am SOO EXCITEDDD for this class. my classmates are so creative and talented !!! I love my classes this semester, they are amazing, i love life, etc etc hahah

    i might end up making a ton of those hats and selling them on etsy...my friends have all expressed interest in owning one ahha :D


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