February 26, 2011

Boycott Warped Tour 2011!

Here's why: (I'm just going to paste the Tumblr post-I reblogged it from @TheRiot, a feminist tumblr, and added my own comments.)

 Now, I don’t expect any kind of breakthrough message or anything from the Vans Warped Tour, believe me.  I mean, it’s a corporate sponsored tour and really, what can we expect from it?
But at the same time, I’ve covered this tour for media outlets the past few years, and I know for many young women it’s how they’re introduced to the idea of “punk” and at least the appearance of activism.  It’s a gateway, or at least it could be.
Yet this year, the Vans Warped Tour has made something glaringly clear: girls in bands are not welcome. 
But rapists are.
The current band line-up features ONE female-fronted band, the rock group New Years Day, and NO all female bands.  While in the past female representation on the tour hasn’t been all THAT impressive (in recent years their nods towards inclusiveness have included Katy Perry and the Millionaires) but there was at least SOME chance that a girl at a show could look up onstage and see another girl making music, fronting a band and getting her feelings out.  There was at least some visibility of women making music reaching the teenagers who flock to the shows.
And this year, apparently, they only have one chance to see that.  But don’t worry, they have an equally good chance to see a band fronted by someone who has been repeated accused of fucking his underaged fans.
Blood on the Dancefloor frontman Dahvie Vanity was arrested while on tour in 2009 for the rape and sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl.  While he, his people and his devoted fans have, naturally, denied this, there have continued to be allegations of not only THIS case being true, but of Dahvie repeatedly taking advantage of underaged girls while on tour.  One of these cases involved AN 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL.
Even if Dahvie manages to NOT rape someone on this tour, the fans will still be subjected to Blood on the Dancefloor’s music.  A sampling of their lyrics:
Got a monster in my pants. 
And if you ever get the chance. 
Gunna cram it down your throat. 
Watch you gasp for air and choke. 
I’m gunna jizz all in your face. 
I’m gunna wreck this fuckin place. 
Pull my hair, smash the chair. 
Break the bed and give me head.
-from “Scream for My Ice Cream”
Bitches get stitches, they end up in ditches, so get the riches
Bitches get stitches end up in ditches, get the riches
-from “Bitches Get Stitches”
I’m such a killer fuck, you’re just a B-rated slut
I’m sharp like Jason’s machete, I’ll slice you into spaghetti
You’re such a cold hearted bitch,
They’ll find you chopped up dead in a ditch
Pin you over your grave, be my zombie sex slave
-from “Sluts Get Guts”
So we get it, Warped Tour.  Boys make music, girls suck cock…or else.  Fuck you.  
And I thought BrokenCYDE was the worst thing to happen to music.
This is sickening. I knew that Warped Tour had gone from an honest punk festival to a popularity contest filled with moneymaking bullshit. I’ve always supported Vans Warped Tour but, ……what the fuck. I remember seeing tons of bands with women in them…Le Tigre, Paramore, Meg & Dia, Joan Jett, Horrorpops. (I don’t include Katy Perry..I like her but she does nothing good. for women.) Don’t they know that the riot grrrl movement is still alive?  Definitely not going this year. There is no sincerity or respect left in the scene.
Step your game up. Punk music is supposed to be political. Punk music festivals are supposed to be accepting. KEVIN LYMAN, GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER.
I could go on about this for days but I think that now there needs to be more action. Boycott Warped Tour 2011.

Let's take action and support our fellow tourgoers, yeah?



  1. Are you kidding me??
    Is that what kids are calling music these days??
    I mean I'm only 21 going on 22.
    But come one kids listen to some REAL music.
    Not some shitty [[ excuse my use of foul words ]] wanna be punk rock craptacular rapist!!
    I can't believe people LIKE that stuff!!
    It's not only sexist.
    But down right WRONG!!

    What ever happened to REAL music??
    Like Patti Smith??
    Or The Clash??

    Thank you for posting this!!
    I will most defos be reblogging this on my blog for sure!!



  2. Ohhhhh my gosh I know right! What's wrong with kids these days?!
    Thanks so much for reposting!!! <3

  3. For the most part, I agree. However, there are a few more female fronted bands playing that I don't honk should be forgotten about. Eyes Set To Kill and My Arcadia have female singers and Sick of Sarah is made up of all girls. Just thought you should know. :)

  4. I hadn't heard of Sick of Sarah, thanks Olive!

  5. Paramore is on the tour now, in addition to Eyes Set to Kill, My Arcadia, and Sick of Sarah. So there's a few, which is good. But they are still by far outnumbered.
    I have a couple friends (more like acquaintances) who like BOTDF and made me listen to them. I wanted to vomit after hearing the lyrics. And hearing what they thought of Dahvie (They would be happy for him to rape them and "f**k the s**t out of them." These are 12 to 15 year old girls) just utterly disgusted me. Having him on the tour is unnacceptable.

  6. It's good that the numbers are growing, at least...
    But wow, I can't believe those girls said that stuff! :/ It's a good thing they have you as a friend. Just knowing that guys like him are out there and so popular and successful makes me angry and sad.

  7. I went to the warped I saw mostly boy bands but i came across this band that I thought was terrible. I thought why would girls sing like this after a while i found out they were boys and there name was Blood on the Dance Floor. I believe we should BOYCOTT Blood on the Dance Floor, it is most definetley not made for children and most likely for adults either. Please take this into consideration that it really isn't the Vans Warped Tour's fault it is bands that think it is okay to make EXTREMELY INAPPROPRIATE MUSIC for the whole world to hear. I try to respect that that is the way they were made but then i think it is probaly there parents fault.

  8. Wow, I wrote a whole comment but it got deleted.
    Basically I said that I didn't go to Warped this year, I don't blame them completely but they have to know the kind of music that BOTDF makes and by letting them be on tour they are supporting that message. This band is completely sick and disgusting and no matter if you're a dude or a girl- and girls in the scene are growing in numbers- this is still horrible music and these guys are messed up


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