April 28, 2010

Recycled Runway Rehash

Photo Credit: Thi L. Wan

Recycled Runway is an annual fashion show run by two Parsons students. All of the looks were made from previous item
s of clothing or other reused materials.

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Before: I used two really old dresses
that I got for free at my high school's prom dress drive last year.
Sketches from my application:

Rehearsal and fitting from Friday night

Hello, gym-turned-dressing-room and plastic trash bag dress cover. Reduce, Reuse!

The models lined up, waiting to practice their walks.

Instead of auditioning models, I asked three of my friends to model for me. They were amazing! I am lucky to know such gorgeous ladiesss. :]
The Show: I was so nervous the morning of the show. My parents brought my younger brother with them to see it.  Two of my friends came down to the city from their college upstate.  Knowing that I have people supporting me is amazing feeling.  So many more people showed up than I expected!
 The lovely Tae.

We were lucky enough to have makeup artists and hair stylists working for the show. I chose to have my models wear side buns, with dark smoky eye makeup and black lipstick. I was going for goth prom- Rarr!

You might recognize this model as my roommate, Mika.
I had nothing to do while the models were getting their hair and makeup done, so I mindlessly drank about five cups of coffee. I wouldn't reccommend it!
Photo Credit: Thi L. Wan
Photo Credit: Thi L. Wan
Photo Credit: Thi L. Wan
Photo Credit: Thi L. Wan 
Green runway, before the show began.
Students from The New School for Jazz provided the music.
 My models being photographed.
Me and Tae
 Model Board.
 Me, and my amazing models wearing my designs!

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