May 11, 2011

Unfashion Event and Finals Week

Greetings, babybeans! Finals are almost over and I couldn't be more relieved!
Having said that though, I had a really fantastic semester and I will really miss my friends and classes this summer. But time marches on!

My UnFashion had an event this past Friday that was a success. Each of us made our own station within the space and created a personal showcase of our journey through the semester in the class- and as a group. I learned a lot about fashion and style, what they are and what they could be.

I created a tent from fabric and some of the outfits that I made. You could actually go inside.       :]

Terrible picture, sorryy! But this is what it looked like.
I also made the dress that I wore.    :]

PS: RIP Dog Mug
yes that is a Spring Awakening shirt lalalala

How was your weekend?

Oh yeah, and 


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