September 1, 2011

How to Get Back into Exercising After Some Time Off ;]

Hello hello! Okay you guys, this is rather embarrassing, but this post has been sitting half-finished in my drafts since about April. The shame, the shame! So what I'm going to do is post it anyway, with season-appropriate edits in bold brackets. [like this!] So here goes,

 If you're like me, you like to feel healthy and fit (duh) but maybe you've taken some....time off lately when it comes to working out. I'm no personal trainer, but I can relate to being totally out of shape and wanting to get back in the game! (I call this time of year Abercrombie Beach Bod preparation season.) [Okay, it's actually the end of the summer and fall is fast approaching. I don't know how I feel about this yet! However, we shouldn't skive off MOVEMENT just because it will soon be getting cold. So!]

1. Do it with a friend! you can motivate each other
2. Start small....don't try to run ten miles on your first day back in the can end up hurting yourself!

moves called Iggy's Pop and Iggy's Punch.....nothin' but pure brilliance

3. COMMIT! Keep some sort of physical activity in your daily schedule, and keep doing it every day. No excuses! It helps to do it at the same time  every day, llike in the morning.

4. Make it fun! Some people love waking up in the morning and running around the block. Personally I find the repetitive motions of running a bit boring; it's just not for me! So for people like me I'd suggest joining a class like yoga (Yoga To The People is completely awesome and based on donations, which is rad if you're a student), or dance, or cycling.
Did you know that you can work your abs every day? I have a sit-up routine that I used to do when I danced, and I still do it every day!
[Also, living on the fifth floor of a walk-up building is pretty good for daily cardio, let me tell you! haha]
Exercise TV and YouTube have short videos like "Ten Minute Thighs" or "Bellydance Basics" that are amazing, because the time passes by so quickly! I completely swear by them....even with the cheesy names and scary-perky instructors.

Oh my gosh, do you guys remember PUNK ROCK AEROBICS, those commercials that played on The-N in between Degrassi  episodes? Well I think that there is a book, and I heard that in some cities there are Punk Rock Aerobics classes held....can anyone confirm this?

I would go to these classes for sure.

Okay, well, my classes have officially started this week. Therefore I hope to have tons of exciting posts for you soon, but there might be some writing draughts on my side also as I struggle with my self-imposed ridiculous schedule. Have a great week? And also, 
how do you get your exercise?


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