September 13, 2011

Nikki Dee's DUH Style Tip of the Day

Wearing a long dress or skirt? Is it too long? Is it windy or rainy out? Knot the hem! Knot the hem! SO EASY WHY DIDN'T WE DO THIS PREVIOUSLY?!
Also, it looks pretty cool!

Take this lovely striped maxi that I wore to class today. I'm short, so the dress goes all the way down to the ground. It looks quite pretty but is horribly inconvenient for getting to class through the (dirty) streets of Manhattan. However, once you knot the hem, it is much more manageable and gives off a different look as well.
You don't have to knot it- you can pin it, hold it up with some crazy clip, tie it with bunches of yarn....

 Here are some pictures that I took on Photobooth reallll quick to show you guys.

really awkward picture

knotted hem!

the whole dress

me trying to make photobooth work properly to get my whole outfit on the screen....hahhaha

Yeah! Has anyone tried this?
This has beeen....Nikki Dee's DUH style tip of the day!  :p


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