November 27, 2011

Marc Jacobs Oh, Lola! ad featuring Dakota Fanning. Is it too sexual for mainstream media?

Have you guys seen the new ad for Marc Jacobs' most recent perfume? The perfume is called Oh, Lola! and it has been described as a little sister of Lola, "more of a Lolita than a Lola".  I think that says something in itself, but what folks are going a bit wild about is the ad.  It features 17 year old actress Dakota Fanning, holding a large, flowery and evocative bottle of the perfume in between her legs.

Here's what the ASA had to say about it:
"Due to the fact that Dakota is styled to look a bit younger than her 17 years, and the position of the bottle and hemline of her dress, etc, the ad has been banned by the Advertising Standards Authority  for child sexualization."

Personally, I don't think that the picture is all that bad, although the bottle is a bit strange looking. What does bother me is that it the advertisement reads, "THE NEW FRAGRANCE FOR WOMEN", and then the picture shows a very young looking girl.  Nothing about this ad shows that it is for women.

Here's the ad so you can decide for yourself:

Do you think that the ad is too sexual? Voice your opinion in the comments!



  1. トリーバーチ 財布は友達や家族に贈るプレゼントとして悪くない選択です、友人と長い間会えない距離は一気に縮まる。大切なお金をしっかり収納する、スタッフさん達がわざわざ工夫をして、ますます便利になった、欲しいなら早く行動しましょう。toryburchはお洒落感満載、まるで若返りの気分になれる、もっと青春を謳歌せよ、みたいな感じ、夏で大活躍出来る。

  2. tory burchはアメリカニューユークから登場してきた大人気なブランド品です。高品質で、エレガントで、すごくおしゃれなモノです。全体的に、モダンでラグジュアリーを一体に入れるモノになります。それに、この中で、多くの女性がトリーバーチ ハイヒールに憧れています。高いヒールで、履くほど女らしさをもっと演出してくれます。それに、ヒールの高さも適当で履きやすういシューズです、長い時間ではいても、大丈夫です。


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