February 1, 2012

A Wild Outfit Post Appeared!

Hey guys!  I took some outfits photos for once in my dang life. It's been a while!

They are maybe not the best quality because i took them with photo booth, but let’s just be content with the fact that i took them at all.  I was really excited about my outfit, I think mostly because I had a really great day in it.

what a goofball

♥ pants: ASOS
♥ top: H&M
♥ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
♥ hat. i've had it for a while...the tag inside says Christy's Crown Series, and then there's another tag that says By Tony Merenda. I LOVE wearing hats, especially to interview to anywhere you're going to meet new people. I think they are comforting and also make you stand out!
These pictures are from Monday. On Monday I went to Brooklyn, had some tea, had an interview for a sweet internship (I start Friday!), walked around in the sunshine, FINALLY got a library card and took out some books, and went to French class. Excellent day.
My roommate asked if my outfit was Reeve Carney inspired (HAHA! maybe subconsciously! the boy’s got style).  I might do a Style Crush post with him soon; I haven't done any Style Crush Dudes posts yet, have I?!

See you soon my loves. AND follow me on Tumblr, especially if you like comics. I post much more comic-related things, and just more things in general, on my tumblr than i do here.

Have a lovely week and stay inspired!


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