January 28, 2012

Apartment Inspiration 2012

Decorating for Young Adults with Teeny Homes 
What I Wish My Apartment Looked Like And How I'm Going to Make it Happen

My roommate's and my lease ends in June and already I keep thinking to myself, "when we get a bigger place...."  Well, that's not always possible if you are a.) on a limited/student budget; b.) living in a big city; c.) both.  So I told myself, get with the program, Nikki. You will MAKE. IT. WORK. (Did you get the Tim Gunn reference? I do go to Parsons, after all.) Here's what I'm going to do:

  •  first, post my inspiration. 
  • Then I will talk about some tricks of living in a small space. 
  • Then, I will show some ways that I made my apartment look great while still being functional.

So let's start with the fun part: INSPIRATION YAAYAYAYA

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Okay, so what I did first was: I collected a few (a ton of) pictures from The Great and Powerful Interbot that appealed to me. And yeah, I know that last one isn't' even an apartment, it's a tent. I just really like tents, okay? Tents and caravans. No wonder my apartment is so small. And packed with stuff.
You might have also noticed that these pictures all range wildly. Therefore, my next step is to try to figure out which specific elements appealed to me, and what the pictures may have in common. This is clearly a very scientific method of decorating. It's okay, they do it at Frog Design. (This might be true but I may have just made it up.)

That was fun, wasn't it?
Now it's your turn: what does your DREAM HOME look like?
Share in the comments, or on a site like Pinterest. And if these photos weren't enough for you, here's a link to MY PINTEREST BOARD FOR MY DREAM APARTMENT.

See you later!

love and sharing,



  1. The pictures you've gathered are, indeed appealing. They are way beyond perfection. You must have had a hard time looking for these. So what concept did you come up with for your apartment?

  2. Thank you so much! I collect pictures obsessively sometimes...
    I really want my apartment to look like a caravan that a designer lives in. Idk if that makes sense, but like.....organized chaos. Color-coded everything and neat but also sort of magical. :]

  3. WOAAAAHAHAHAHA... Those pictures... They are...

    I especially like the third one!! I am at the moment trying to make my room a lot cooler and I have a blog post ALMOST all done about it (w/ inspiration pics yay) but pretty much I want it gypsy/Moroccan/British library/apothecary-esque/awesome! okay that... makes no sense. But anyway, love this!


  4. um, that sounds COMPLETELY awesome, can't wait to see the blog post
    i really need to follow up and post some pictures of my apartment...it's not nearly as cool as these, but i'm so proud of it and i think that it's adorable
    thanks for stopping' by, cutie pie!


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