July 30, 2008

Polyvore Part One

In a smallish town like the one I live in, it's kind of hard sometimes to find people who don't just follow trends with what they wear. I kind of can't wait for school to start, if only because it's a venue to be stylish every day and see what other people are wearing.
Polyvore is one of my favorite things on the interbot because it enables you to try new things- and things you may not be able to afford- from your computer. I could spent hours on it, which is why I now limit my time on it, ha ha.

This would be perfect for shopping at a street market.
I love the brown jacket and it goes unexpectedly well with a flowery skirt. Pairing things that usually wouldn't seem to go together is so much fun because a lot of the time they actually look great.
Polyvore is also great for finding new clothing pieces easily. It's where I discovered my new must-want item for when it gets a little colder:

This yellow jacket from topshop.

I love it. But I'm getting way ahead of myself here. I should be writing about the beach, since that's where I am! I'll check back in with that later.

What's everyone out there doing for summer?

Nikkidee! :]

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  1. that outfit is the cutest outfit ever.

    and that yellow jacket is soooo cute. I feel like if I had it and I wore it, I would always be happy :]


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