August 3, 2008

Moleskines and art supplies!

I was at Barnes and Noble on Friday and I bought two new Moleskine notebooks! They are lovely :]
Also, my orders from Pearl Paint and Sam Flax arrived last week. There was so much bubble wrap in the tiny box that my paint came in! However, those stores didn't have everything I needed, and some of my stuff from Pearl Paint was backordered and cancelled. So this morning I went to Catskill Art Supply in Poughkeepsie. They had everything I needed and more, it was wonderful :] I should have just gone their in the first place; they even had bags, and calendars [I bought one with MC Escher drawings] and sketchpads made from recycled paper. The people who worked there were also very nice and helped me find everything. I am now fully prepared for camp tomorrow! [Supply-wise :p ]
I'm tired so more later.


C-C-C-Comment! :]


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