August 1, 2008


I am a giant technology nerd, and I am forever finding and adding new ways to stay connected. One of my most [kind of] recent additions is my Twitter account. I'm addicted! I think it's brilliant and have been trying to convince all of my friends to join Twitter. It's kind of an elaborate facebook status, only better, and you can change it and recieve updates from your phone. You can also send direct messages to your friends on it.
Another cool thing about Twitter is that I just added my lovely blog's RSS feed to it, so whenever I update Wishful Thinking it shows up in my Twitter feed! Awesomeee.
You can follow me on Twitter here or on the right side of the page under the about me box.
"Following" on Twitter...sounds kind of stalkerish doesn't it? Haha.
Okay, I'm off to get ready for the Barnes and Noble book release party for Breaking Dawn. Stop in tomorrow for a recap!

Nikkidee! :]

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