September 24, 2009

Style Crush: The Veronicas

The Veronicas are actually a band formed in 2004 by twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso. They are from Australia and you have probably heard their music on the radio. They have awesome voices and crazy awesome personal style. Also, they manage to never clash with each other's outfits!

Reasons The Veronicas Rock:

They got their name from the movie Heathers [which is totally awesome!]
There's a scene in the movie where Christian Slater asks, 'Are you a Heather?' and Winona Ryder's character answers, 'No, I'm a Veronica.'

They've won a bunch of cool music awards...
...which you can view a list of here.

They want to be known as a group or a band, not as a duo.
♪ "We don't want to be a pop duo group with two girls singing about relationships, we have everything that a rock band would have, so we are a band."

♥ They are super-cool philanthropists who give back.
The Veronicas are a part of the late Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors Worldwide, a charity that deals with the protection of animals and their natural environments.
In January 2009, it was announced Jess would pose nude for PETA.
Lisa marched at a rally in support of gay marriage in California protesting against Proposition 8.

I really like most of their music, especially this song:

This video is ridiculous... where can I find a party like that? Maybe the Veronicas can show me?

Who's inspiring you right now?

Nikkidee! :]

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