January 14, 2010

Hellooo, I know you have something to say!

Hey there everyone!
I have been writing this blog since about July 2008, and it is now January 2010. Wow!
I notice that not that many people comment, so I was just wondering who actually reads this blog.

Who are you?

Let's all leave a comment saying something about yourself, with maybe a picture? Write whatever you want, as much or as little! You can even write your favorite [and least favorite!] posts, and include a link of your own website if you have one!  I think that would be fun.   :]

Why am I doing this? Partly to get to know my readers better, and partly so you can get to know each other! It is really hard to get yourself out there and to be heard!
Get to it duckiessss! <3

xx, Nikkidee! :]


  1. Girrl. I read your blog because you're awesome and practically living my hopeful dream. Haha. So all your NYC-related posts always get me pumped for life! Hahah. This is such a weird comment, I think..


  2. you're so rad! i love you darling

    hi other readers, way to not post! shy lazypants, i'll get ya eventually!


C-C-C-Comment! :]


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