January 22, 2010

Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour

On Wednesday Night, I attended the first of four New York dates on the Lady Gaga Monster Ball Tour.
It was, um, AMAZING. Of course.
I have been madly in love with Lady Gaga ever since the first time I saw the Just Dance video.

Glamophonic, electronic, disco baby!

Not the best pictures of me ever, I admit, but whatever! I'm sparkly!
Bee tee dubs, someone at the show asked me if my eye makeup was a decal- it is not. I painted on leopard spots with liquid eyeliner.  Maybe I'll do a tutorial ?

She is an amazing singer, dancer, and performance artist. She manages to be both mysterious and unbelievably candid.
Seriously, I love Lady Gaga. Any events including Gaga or her music are sure to include a. DANCE PARTIES b. OBSCENITY and c. DRESS UP FUN.  Three of my favorite things, woo!      ;]

We just like to party, like to p-p-party, yeah!

xx, Nikkidee! :]


  1. hi there, you look really sparkly and glamorous. i really like the sequined skirt and the makeup is fab!
    gaga is an unique woman with outrageous fashion sense. she seems like a very fun person!

  2. thank you! :]
    i love her so much, she's a real inspiration!


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