August 9, 2010

Modcloth Contest for Kaboodle Styleboard

The past few days, I have been making sets using Kaboodle Styleboard. Okay, yes, I realize that I am cheating on Polyvore by using Kaboodle Styleboard. However, I have have been using it- you can connect with Facebook!- to make sets for the Modcloth "A+ Look for Fall" Contest. Winners receive gift cards! If that is not enough incentive, Kaboodle Styleboard is really easy to use. It has some cute styleboard backgrounds. There is also a "hide background" button to makes the background of an item transparent instead of solid white for layering, which isn't always available on Polyvore.  So if you want to win some cute new clothes for school, enter the contest- and post your entries in the comments!  You can submit up to ten collages.

Here are my 3 favorites that I made for the contest:

Cherry Boom

Cherry Boom
Cherry Boom by supernikkidee

This girl spent the summer abroad and returned to school with a new internship and a new style!

Sail into Fall

Sail into Fall
Sail into Fall by supernikkidee

This girl spent her entire summer on a sailboat. She fell in love with the sea and is taking it with her this semester- in style.

Rockin' Robin

Red Robin
Red Robin by supernikkidee

This girl spent her summer taking summer courses in music and business. She's going into fall as a tour manager for the hottest new band.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Can you tell that my favorite color combination for fall is red, gray, and blue? As much as I completely adore summer, I can't wait for the fashion options that fall gives us.

Post your entries in the comments! Good luck!


  1. Kaboodle just launched All Things Indie, a new Indie Channel - check out the jewelery featured from Etsy!

    Also check out PopPicks - 25% off of great new stuff from Karmaloop just for a few days and vote on 80's purple items to get the 35% discount next week!

  2. The red, grey, and blue color combo is fab! Love these styleboards!


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