August 3, 2010

Viva Mexico

Hola amigos! What's goodington?

As stated previously, I went on a trip to Mexico last week with some family and friends. I took a flight out of Newark airport that was six hours long- that is the longest flight I've ever been on! (I know, it's not that long compared to like, Australia. But still.)  I stayed in Cabo San Lucas, which is in Baja California. It was beautiful. And amazing. I fell in love with the whole place. If I had 5 pesos for every time I declared that I was going to "miss my plane" and just live there forever, I would have....a lot of pesos.

I'm going to wax sort of poetic for a second, because I want to just talk about how awesome it was.  I think part of the reason that Mexico is so beautiful is because, of course, it has all of these bright colors and patterns and people, full of life and celebration and this really cool culture and movement. Big colorful flowers, spicy foods, traditional dresses. But at the same time- and here I want to invoke an image of "El Dia de Los Muertos" or the "Day of the Dead"- there is complete sense of reality to everything, a darker side. You remember that you are in the middle of the desert.
It is seriously beautiful. I am in love.

So with that being said, here are some pictures:

Mexican coffee. Hint: it has tequila in it.

This is a club I went to nearly every night called El Squid Roe. It consists of three floors and no roof.  I asked someone what they do when it rains and the response was "what rain?" !  Both tourists and locals go there, so I met a ton of interesting people.

The marina

I drink, therefore I am.

Okay, seriously. Paradise.

A shop on the street selling Mexican wrestler masks, among other things.


"Divorce Beach" was right across from "Lovers Beach", except it had crazier waves. Haha!

Me and Cait!

Legit nightlife

The desert.

What have you done this week? Have you gone on any trips lately? What is the longest plane ride you have ever endured? Share in the comments!



  1. haha, that must've been a very nice and interesting trip!

    never went to mexico, i wish i could..
    but isn't it really dangerous there?..

  2. It was amazing!
    Mexico can be dangerous depending on where you are and how you act. Where I went was a bit touristy and I never went anywhere alone at night. It's just like being anywhere new or being in a city, you've gotta keep your wits about you and stuff, and it helps to speak at least some Spanish. I didn't get into any trouble though. Although I did see some prostitutes and there were gang members in the club a few of the nights :x It can be kind of gritty but it was beautiful and all of the people who lived there were reallly nice and helpful.

  3. Sounds absolutely gorgeous! My favorite is the divorce beach :D that anecdote is too funny. I recently got back from a trip to Disney World, and actually noted that "Mexico" in Epcot's melange of cultural destinations was the prettiest of them all. My friend was explaining Day of the Dead to me, and I found the concept just fascinating. I had a wonderful time & it sounds like you did too. Vacation withdrawl can be so difficult, no? :)

    My longest plane ride- Definitely to China! 16 hours nonstop, I believe!

  4. Tessa- thanks for the comment! I think the Day of the Dead is so interesting! I've become a bit obsessed. I agree that vacation withdrawal is the worstt :/ haha it is hard to go back to reality!
    China! That is a reallly long plane ride, wow! what did you do the whole time? I might be going to India (!!) this winter, and the plane ride is about the same, 16 hours with one stop. I'm nervous! China though- that's awesome!

  5. Looks and sounds like you've had a lot of fun!!
    Would love to visit Mexico one day!

    My longest plane ride would be to Thailand
    (about 11 hours) and my shortest from Thailand
    to Malaysia (1/2 hour)

    This summer I'm staying at home (Netherlands)
    have to save money for college, and everything!

  6. I did! :]
    11 hours is longg! And a half hour flight? wow i've never heard of that!

    I totally feel the whole saving money for college thing


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