August 12, 2010

Website Sneak Peek! Fashion! Yay!

Hey guys!

I have some really exciting news, and all of you wonderful people who read my blog are going to be the first ones to find out!
Sometime very soon, I will officially be launching a new fashion line, called Aviva by Nikki Dee!  
Aviva is a Spanish word that basically means "to ignite".  This line is inspired summer music festivals, and by all of my super-talented friends who are in the performing arts.  The clothing will be sold online very soon.
Clearly I am super super duper excited about it, and I hope you get excited about it too!

On top of that, I am completely revamping my website (  Here is a sneak peek of what it is going to look like:

What do you think?!



  1. OH MY GOSH GURRRL. This is so fantastic! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE IT!!!! Seriously, I'm rather ecstatic!! Haha.

    Yes. So, in conclusion...

    You rock.



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