September 17, 2010

Fashion's Night Out 2010

Dude I can not believe that it's Friday already! Let me tell you someting. Fashion's Night Out was so much fun this year.  I volunteered at the Braccialini boutique in SoHo. Braccialini is an eclectic Italian accessory brand, and they did a collaboration with Parsons. A Parsons student designed those two purses in the window- they cost 1,000 dollars each! Aren't they beautiful?  Since the theme for the bags was candy, the store decided to have an event for FNO called "City Sweet".  There was candy, and there were Gromme gelato was so much fun!

The interns!

First, four of us helped to set everything up- including carrying heavy cases of water up some real narrow creepy basement stairs in heels! Then my job was to go around the streets telling people about the brand and trying to get them to check out the event and the store. By the end of the night, I had massive blisters on my feet, but it was a good experience and I met some fun people. Shout out to the guys from the Armani store- thanks for letting us stand on your sidewalk, ahah!

Tae and Jack reppin' their "crew" tags.

All of the interns were from Parsons.

How to prounouce Braccialini: Bra like bra, cha like do the cha-cha, and lini like tortellini!

The payless bus drove people around all night.

At some point during the night, Pharrell (N.E.R.D) performed in the middle of the street! I got to stop working for a minute (because uh, obviously no one was listening to me with music blasting) and I got to stand there eating gelato and listen. It was awesome.

The line outside of Chanel was RIDONKULOUS

After we finished helping out, we left and headed over to where our friend was working. Alexander Wang was there, and they had vodka iced tea, and the DJ. was. reaaaally good. It was a fun time.

The DJ. We look so short next to him, haha!
Alexander Wang

Soo yeah! That was my Fashion's Night Out experience for September 2010! How did you celebrate Fashion's Night Out this year?


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