September 26, 2010

NY Fashion Week

So! Fashion week. Let me tell you a story!

Fashion week went by, and I had class all week. If you ask me, fashion students should have Fashion Week off as a holiday, but we can't all get what we want. So Thursday came around, and I was talking to my roommate Mika.  We were discussing the venue change of New York fashion week and how it might affect the events.  (This year, New York Fashion Week moved from Bryant Park to Lincoln Center.)  It was rainy, and we couldn't decide if we should head up town to Lincoln Center and check it out. Eventually we decided that it was worth the trip just to stand around and people-watch while we took pictures around Lincoln Center. I am so glad that we did.
I'll do a short What I Wore post right after this.

Once we got to Lincoln Center, we forgave Fashion Week for moving out of the Fashion District.  It is beautiful.  After walking around
Long story short: we sneaked in through the back, networked like crazy, and had a ton of fun! Yes.  We met a guy who designs "Fur-Z's", who even let us try some on and take a picture with them.
 "Show off ya swag bags!"

And as if sneaking in to fashion week wasn't enough.... 
"Yeah, Gwen Stefani is giving interviews right now, and L.A.M.B. party is tonight as well."
"Oh, really? Do you know where it is?"  "No...."
Don't worry. The fashion super sleuths (TM) are on the case.
Ten minutes and some frenzied sleuthing later, we were heading for the subway, where we took pictures with Elmo.

I love the Muppets, Mika does not.

Anyway, we eventually ended up dangerously trekking to tenth avenue (hint: cobblestone + heels = near-disaster)We sashayed past the club Kiss&Fly to an art gallery. An art gallery, with a guest list and a mini red carpet. We found the party!  It was at Mr. Brainwash's Icons Remix show.  And once again, uh, long story short....we snuck in. The front this time.

 Gwen Stefani. Her dress was from this season's L.A.M.B. collection and it was so cool. Uhhh she walked right past me. She looked amazing.
 Tony Kanal from No Doubt. Okayyy, we were creepin' a bit before we began our attempts to get in.

It was an amazing time. As Penny Lane says in Almost Famous,
"It's all happening!"

Love it. Live it.

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