September 30, 2010

NY Fashion Week Roundup

Here are some of my quick opinions on a few collections that showed in New York.  To be honest, I thought NY fashion week as a whole was a letdown. I just couldn't find anything too interesting. I guess the recession really is showing up on the runways: all of the collections looked the same, and the colors were so bland! All white and tan.  Anyway, onward:

Uninteresting-ness aside, I like the Badgley Mischka collection.  The lines were simple, yet the clothing found a way to look interesting.  I thought that the collection was cohesive without being too monotonous.  The cuts was flattering and the colors went well together.

I also liked the Alice + Olivia collection. They are always go for a young “party girl” audience and they have a fun vibe that really appeals to me (as a young party girl ;] ).  This season I wasn’t let down. They mixed fun prints in bright colors with neutrals in interesting textures, such as feathers.

I also liked the L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani collection.  I thought that she stayed true to the season and true to herself. She had fun with shapes but every garment was something that everyday people could actually wear.  She used bold patterns and flirty silhouettes, which I really like for spring. I just love Gwen, okay?

I did not like the Proenza Schouler collection.  I was a bit surprised, because usually I like Proenza Schouler, and think they're brilliant.  However I feel that this collection was a bit tacky, and there was simply nothing new or innovative about it.  Some of the silhouettes were unflattering in my opinion, and the colors were awkward.  The Chanel-style jackets and skirts did not go cohesively with the see-through tops, visible bras and bright green dresses.  It seemed un-unified to me.  Womp womppp.

Though I usually love Betsey Johnson’s clothing, this season’s collection was only okay for me. I found that happening with a lot of designers that I usually like this season.  Her collection seemed to be inspired from many sources, with the main one being cycling- Tour de Betsey.  I thought it was a cute concept, but it was hard to follow.  Some of the pieces seemed to come more from Nascar than bicycling.  Some pieces were weirdly styled and it was a bit all over the place. She had neon orange striped racing dresses on the same runway as Big Love style floral maxi dresses.  There were also tea party-type dresses along with sailor inspired gear. There wasn’t much substance to link it all together visually. Sadbeanss.

I also was not too excited by BCBG Max Azria.  Although the collection was quite, beautiful, I found it to be boring.  There were vague shapes and minimal color.  Although I admired it, this collection was simply not my style.

And don't talk to me about Alexander Wang. haha

Okay, I'm going to end on a positive note: Marchesa! Definitely my favorite. So. BEAUTIFUL. I wish I could post the whole collection.

Swoon. When I saw these I made actual out loud sounds and my roommate laughed at me. LOVE.

Also, a note: pretty much all of these pictures are from Such a great resource!

Okay, what did you think about the New York shows this season?


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  1. Marchesa is SO FABULOUS. Definitely the real life cinderella. The pink dress mermaid dress/ masterpiece with the black detailing is FLAWLESS. It reminds me of quilling! Except in fashion form!

    NYFW tends to bore me a bit, too. Ironically, it's the only one I really followed this season due to it was during summer, whereas all the other fashion weeks are during school. Hahah, oh good timing... But I liked Rodarte, SUNO, and... I'm sure there were more. I'm a little brain fried.


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