December 9, 2010

Cell Phone Uploads, My First Parsons Project, and Anna Sui

Anna Sui came and did an interview at Parsons in the Fashion Building. Uh, she mostly talked about how when she was in school at Parsons she didn't go to class much and went to a lot of clubs! Haha, I don't think that our dean, Simon Collins, was too happy about that. Students at Parsons nowadays could DEFINITELY not get away with that! You'd fail in an instant. She also stressed the importance of internships. It's true dude!

Here is a not-so-great cell phone photo of the interview. Students were allowed to go see it and they recorded it live also.
After it was over, Anna and the dean got into the elevator going up. I also had to get back to class but then the dean jumped out for a minute and my and a few of my friends were in the elevator with Anna Sui!  Ahhh, it was so cool, but I froze and couldn't think of anything to say to her besides, "Thanks so much, that was cool." Gosh I am lame. It's like when I met Richard Chai at Teen Vogue Fashion University (oh my gosh I haven't written about that yet have I? I am terrible and sorry.) I ran up to him after his talk and as like YOU ARE SO AMAZING AND INSPIRING ZOMGZ.  He was totally sweet about it though. ANYWAY! Moving on...

I finally uploaded some pictures from my phone.  Here is my first project in Concepts class for Sophomore Fashion Design. I snapped a picture right before my presentation and critique. I was nervous!
The project was "fall dresses". Here's my mood board, fabric board (HAHA its awful), flats, and croquis.  Um, I promise my croquis have gotten much better throughout the semester.  My inspiration was the circus.

Here are some terrible-quality photos of my drawing process. The assignment was rendering prints.

And a random sketch from drawing class:



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