August 27, 2009

First Week of DORMIN'

Me and my friends in Brooklyn!

I've been living in the city for a week, getting settled in and making friends. My classes start on Monday and I'm super anxious. Some of my friends have come to visit me from home, but I am really enjoying calling my dorm my new home.

Things I Love This Week!

This week has consisted of:
♥ orientation lectures, ♥ watching project runway in the laundry room, ♥ jerry springer in the cafeteria, ♥ mexican food, ♥ pinkberry, ♥ subway rides, ♥ boat tours, ♥ organizing,
laughing, ♥ singing, ♥ mamabird, ♥ coffee, ♥ jamba juice, ♥ loungin', ♥ diner food, ♥ union square, ♥ dancing, ♥ shopping, ♥ video chatting, ♥ dressing up, ♥ talking, ♥ tim gunn bobbleheads, ♥ thrift stores, ♥ brooklyn, ♥ planning, ♥ open mic nights, ♥ getting kicked out of karaoke bars, ♥ shoes, ♥ buying a rug, ♥ running in the rain in heels, ♥ dreaming, ♥ going out on the town, ♥ pizza, and ♥ a LOT of walking.
And so far I love every minute of it.
I'm embracing the changes in my life! But holding on to my old friends and making sure I don't forget myself.
I'm staying open to new experiences and I love all my new friends.

What are you lov-lov-loving this week?!

Nikkidee! :]

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