May 7, 2010

Diesel Be Stupid Ad Campaign

First: They evacuated Times Square again today because of a bomb scare. I'm glad everything turned out to be fine. Be careful if you are in that area!
Secondly, it is sunny and gorgeous out! YESSSS.
Too bad I have to spend most of today inside, applying to jobs and internships and writing papers and things. Next week is finals week at the New School. Que FANTASTICO.
Oh well! I've been procrastinating with things like the Diesel Be Stupid Poem Generator.
Here is my contribution:
A lot of people are contributing gems of wisdom such as this:

I didn't like the Diesel ad campaign at first. But then I heard a story about how the founder of Diesel was told that he was stupid to want to make a new jeans brand. Well, look at it now! Fantastic. I pass the giant ads on the Diesel store windows in Union Square all the time. These two are my favorites:

What ad campaigns do you like right now?



  1. I didn't know that about the Diesel guy! the ads make more sense now, they annoyed me at first!
    cool blog, Im jealous that you can just saunter past union square whenever you fancy! you should check mine out
    although the lake district doesn't offer so much variety!

  2. thanks! :] i will definitely check out your blog, i can tell by the url that i will like it! haha


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